Fulfillment Services In Las Vegas

If you operate a business that sells items over the internet, if that business is located inside or outside the United States, chances are that you can significantly improve your bottom line by utilizing a fulfillment service in Las Vegas.  Ship My Orders operates from two warehouse locations, one in Las Vegas and the other in Nashville TN.  The reason that we operate from these two different places is due to the strategic advantages that we can provide to our customers through their use.  To expand on the strategy, we use an east coast and west coast location in order to effectively service each half of the country, and each of these locations is positioned along a transport rout and roughly centralized within that half of the country.  This means that if you charge a flat rate for shipping that will cover a coast to coast delivery, you will save a significant amount of money on every order shipped if you position inventory in both our warehouses.  Because of the central location within each half of the country, nearly every order shipped will be about 1/4 the total distance that would be traveled in a coast to coast delivery.  This will not only cut down on billing charges but also improve delivery times from five days to approximately two to three days.  The result is customers receiving their orders in far less time than they expected, and your business being charge far less than if you were operating from a single warehouse.  The savings can be applied to your bottom line as profit, or sent back to the customers in the form of lower prices or other benefits.  The positioning of a warehouse dedicated to servicing each portion of the country makes strategic sense for you.

The Las Vegas warehouse can effectively service the entire west coast with ease, and the fast transport routes that have grown from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and also Salt Lake City make deliveries coming from our Las Vegas warehouse happen within a very short time frame.  In some situations, a delivery leaving our Las Vegas warehouse can be delivered at a Los Angeles location within one day, which will delight your customers and build their loyalty to your store.  The two warehouse system is an effective means to both satisfying customers and saving money on shipping at the same time.

For a business located outside the US, shipping fulfillment is difficult because the charges are high and the delivery times are lengthy.  Attempting to operate a warehouse location inside the United States from a foreign country is a logistical nightmare, and adds cost to your bottom line.  Ship My Orders can effectively manage all US sales for you, offering you not only one US location but two in order to actually give you an advantage over your competition.  With the lower prices that you can generally charge for purchases and the fast and affordable shipping from within the US, you should be able to easily beat your competition.