Fulfillment Shipping Nashville

Businessman Working At Desk In WarehouseDoes your ecommerce business service east coast customers? If it does, then it might be time to consider fulfillment shipping services located in Nashville TN. The reason that this location makes so much sense for customers whoa re located on the east coast is that it is positioned along major shipping travel routes and is centrally located to service both the top and bottom halves of the eastern United States, as well as the central areas. Positioning your merchandise in this location as the starting point for the delivery of orders to your east coast customers will have the benefits of reduced ship times as well as charges. The typical timeframe to deliver a package through UPS ground on orders to east coast locations originating from our warehouse in Nashville is two days as opposed to five. Through providing deliveries in an average of half the expected time, your business will benefit from the returning customers who are delighted with the services you offer.

Ship My Orders maintains two locations for our customers, Nashville TN and Las Vegas NV. This gives us the ability to effectively cover the entire United States with the shorter average ship times and charges, and allowing your company to delight customers at all locations and in all states. The way it works is simple, if you maintain inventory in both our east and west coast locations, we can source your customer order from the warehouse located closest to the end destination. This provides you with the ability to continually leverage savings and faster ship times on every order placed through your website, over time saving you thousands of dollars in reduced prices which can be passed off to our customers as lower prices or applied to your bottom line as profits. Our professional staff of specialists will provide the same excellent services from either of our warehouses, so if you find that the majority of your orders are being placed from either the east coast or west coast, we can source all of your orders from our most appropriate location.

Ship My Orders is the fulfillment shipping company of choice for many United States businesses who simply want to not foot the bills associated with having a dedicated warehouse and fulfillment employees, and is also the choice of many overseas companies who want to reduce the high shipping charges associated with United States delivery of foreign packages. Many who operate ecommerce sites from countries outside the United States are dismayed that the shipping charges will many times double the price that the customer pays, not allowing them to effectively compete with domestic businesses on price. Positioning your merchandise within our warehouses and utilizing our staff to fulfill your orders allows you to comete effectively, paying the same shipping rates if not less than your competition. You are able to operate as a United States business, even though your website is not located in the United States, nor is your corporate office.

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