Fulfillment Shipping Nashville

Preparation of goods for dispatchAfter successfully creating one of the nation’s leading fulfillment shipping companies in Las Vegas, Ship My Orders management made the decision to improve the service levels offered to it’s clients even further by creating a second location positioned on the East Coast in Nashville, TN.  The reason behind this expansion was simple, to provide a “starting point” location that was in closer proximity to East Coast residences than the West Coast location.  When considering the advantages of using a fulfillment shipping company over attempting to absorb the costs and responsibilities of operating your own, individual warehouse, the obvious choice made by smart owners is to utilize the fulfillment company.  A fulfillment shipping company allows a business to service more customers without adding additional staff, and without adding the additional costs of securing warehouse spaces that can house the added inventory necessary to facilitate the increased sales that are projected.  Because growth can be one of the most difficult aspects of any business, with the decisions being  necessary to take a business that is successful and has sales and gamble the added costs that are not yet seen against future growth, is a very difficult decision for most business owners to shoulder.  Because added costs are necessary to see added sales growth, some way must be found to minimize the amount of upfront risks associated with the growth procedure.  This is where shipping fulfillment businesses like Ship My Orders become such an integral part of a business plan.  Scaling up for future sales involves nothing more than contacting the company and increasing the inventory that is on hand.  There is no necessity to increase warehouse space that you personally control as the space is a portion of the entire facility, rented as is necessary.  The employee base that actually does the heavy lifting of the shipping fulfillment services are provided through your contract, and are thus not employees of your company.  For this reason, you can scale to any level you need to in a short time with very little risk.

The positioning of the Nashville warehouse for shipping fulfillment services provides savings to the customers on each order that is placed by a customer, in that the order can be sourced to the warehouse that is closest to that particular address for fulfillment.  If all orders were to leave from the Las Vegas warehouse, then any order that is delivered to an East Coast residence would be absorbing shipping costs that are greater than if it was to originate at a closer point.  The dual warehousing system allows the savings on shipping charges to be passed on to customers in any way the business feels is appropriate, or added to their bottom line as profits.  The Nashville warehouse provides a savings to our customers that translates to a savings to their customers.

Contact Ship My Orders directly for information about our Nashville fulfillment shipping services, and how your business can benefit from our East Coast warehouse and staff.  The savings are yours to have.