How does this fulfillment system work for businesses?

Ship My Orders is a fulfillment company that assists businesses by removing the responsibility of inventory management and shipping for customer order fulfillment from their plates.  This is accomplished by warehousing the business inventory in our locations and processing customer orders from that inventory.  Restocking of that inventory is accomplished through coordination with you, and we will utilize a sophisticated system along with ongoing communication to assure products are in stock and ready for shipping when orders are placed.  Inventory management and fulfillment is one of the biggest headaches of business owners, and is especially problematic for online businesses as they will typically have no physical store which can act as a warehouse.  If there is no physical location, owners are forced to make the decisions of securing a warehouse of their own for no other purpose than order fulfillment, or attempting to do that fulfillment from their offices or homes.  Neither is an ideal method of accomplishing these tasks, and neither is cost effective.  Ship My Orders allows for warehouse space to be cooperative and shared with other businesses that we work for.  Your inventory is safe as there are no other people accessing the area other than our employees, and as a result you have security and reduced payments for warehouse space because you only pay for what you use.

The actual fulfillment process is simple.  We utilize a software system that communicates with your shopping cart on your website, and notifies us with order details when an order is placed.  We use our employees to pick the order from your stored inventory and process it for shipping.  We then arrange for transportation to the customer using a number of different potential shipping methods like UPS, FEDEX and USPS.  You are charged per order for the service, and are also charged for the shipping itself.

How does this save businesses money? This is the main question that we are asked.  Businesses save money in two ways.  First and foremost, you do not have to manage your inventory, use employees that are expensive to keep on a payroll, estimate warehouse space needed and negotiate lease terms.  Instead of any of these potential pitfalls, you are able to absorb sales increases and decreases by increasing or reducing your inventory in our warehouses.  There is no long term speculation about the amount of space you need or the amount of employees necessary to process the orders, we take care of all of it for you.  The second way you save money is through the positioning of our warehouses closer to your customers, and therefore paying the lowest shipping rates.  We manage two warehouses on strategic shipping lines, one on the east coast in Nashville TN and one in Las Vegas NV on the west coast.  By shipping each order from the warehouse closest to the customer, you not only ship in the shortest timeframe possible but also ship for the lowest price.  Through shaving costs off every order shipped, you can add this savings to your bottom line or provide these rates to your customers directly.  Either way, your business benefits by adding to the bottom line or gaining happier customers.

Order fulfillment services like ours save businesses money, and Ship My Orders specifically works with our clients to provide the best customer service at the best prices in the market.  Contact us today for more information.