International Businesses and US Fulfillment Services

box2Order fulfillment companies that are based in the United States are a perfect opportunity for foreign retailers to sell their goods to customers in the USA without enduring the incredibly high shipping charges associated with shipping your products from warehouses in other countries.  In the modern age of the internet, the brick and mortar store is becoming less and less popular as customers have the ability to both find and purchase the products they are seeking from online retailers who can be positioned to take advantage of exchange rates and cheaper labor by manufacturing their goods in other countries.  Additionally, there may be tax benefits among other benefits to having your business be located in other countries other than the United States.  Shipping your goods to customers who can now find your online store as easily as logging into their computer is a major expense that many retailers have to price into their product costs in order to cover the added expenditures of shipping to United States addresses, thus making their products less appealing to US consumers due to the high prices.  By utilizing a US fulfillment service, the goods can be warehoused and shipped from United States locations to United States customers, thus reducing the obvious costs associated with international shipping to residential addresses in the US.

International companies who want to sell their products to customers in the United States have an advantage over United States manufacturers in many cases because the products are cheaper to manufacture in other countries.  The sales process itself traditionally involved these goods either being internationally shipped to warehouses that are in the United States and owned by the parent company, or shipped order by order from the home country to the United States consumer through a shipping service.  Anyone who has ever shipped anything overseas realizes the dramatic price increases over shipping domestically, which is a good argument for shipping bulk inventory to the United States from your home country and having the warehousing and fulfillment services be handled by specialized companies like Ship My Orders, who can fulfill your United States orders without issue, saving you large amounts of money through both lower shipping costs but also by not having to staff or own the warehouses themselves.  This option opens up many smaller companies to United States business, ones that would not otherwise have the funds to maintain staff and warehouses on US soil.  Through using a US fulfillment service like Ship My Orders, your company can sell to United States customers exactly in the same way that domestic businesses do, with the same shipping and fulfillment costs that are had by any of our customers located on US soil.

It is an obvious choice for the small to mid-sized retailer located in another country who wants to sell their products to United States customers to utilize a service like the one we provide.  Shipping and fulfillment services are not hindered by delays in communication between your office and ours as we can communicate directly with your shopping cart system and fulfill your customers orders just as quickly as if you were located in the same facility as us.  We look forward to potentially servicing your international business and providing you with US fulfillment services.