Kickstarter and Ecommerce Fulfillment

Forklift truck in warehouse or storage loading cardboard boxes. 3dKickstarter has proven to be one of the most successful ways to create the funding that is necessary to get a business or product off the ground.  There are several hurdles that will generally hinder the growth of a potential business, first and foremost being securing the funding that is necessary to create the products that will be sold within the business itself.  Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that allows the general public to buy into funding the business, securing some sort of perk in exchange for a specified amount of money that is contributed to the campaign.  Usually, a Kickstarter campaign is essentially the purchase of the product that will be manufactured in a sort of pre-purchase, and the pooled money from all of the pre-purchases get the people who have contributed a deal on the products that are produced.  If the Kickstarter campaign does not reach a specified goal amount, then the entire pool of money is returned to those who pledged it.  Kickstarter can create a business from an idea by providing the financing to actually achieve the production of a product, but it does not have the ability to fill in many of the gaps surrounding a business that is born from a Kickstarter campaign.

In many cases, the Kickstarter campaign being successful allows the person who created it to produce a product that is useful and interesting to the public.  Once that product is created and manufactured through the Kickstarter campaign, the owner now must figure out how to effectively fulfill all of the orders that created the pool of money used for manufacturing.  Many times this means the packing and shipping of thousands of products from an apartment or home, obviously creating inefficiency and extraordinary work-loads for the people behind the campaign.  Suddenly being an inventor becomes being a person packing boxes and calling shipping companies every day.  Luckily there are services like Ship My Orders who provide shipping fulfillment for Kickstarter campaigns.  By removing the responsibilities associated with the fulfillment of orders from our plate, you are free to continue to concentrate on improving the product that the Kickstarter campaign was associated with, or the other duties of running your new business.  Ship My Orders maintains your inventory in one of our warehouses, and provides the staff inside those facilities to pack and ship your products to your customers after your Kickstarter campaign is successful.  Our warehouses are positioned at strategic locations on the east coast and the west coast, allowing you to save money in shipping charges by positioning your inventory closer to your customers no matter where they live.

Kickstarter was born from the necessity of bringing investment capital and entrepreneurs together into a place that can benefit both by removing the traditional obstacles that stand in the way of creating a business.  Ship My Orders was born from the necessity of fulfilling the orders of the customers that come from successful Kickstarter campaigns, getting the products to the customers with efficiency.  Together, Kickstarter and Ship My Orders make business easy.