Kickstarter and Fulfillment

Laptop and coffee cup in girl’s hands sitting on a wooden floorKickstarter is an online website that has been online for the past few years providing crowdfunding for projects that seem interesting and important to the public. In the past, the only way to get a large block of money in order to fund a project was to either take out one of a few different kinds of personal or business loans, or secure the funds from an angel investor who believes that the project will return their money with additional payback. These types of funding sources made many different kinds of ventures difficult to move forward as there was little availability of money for those who did not have the ability to show groups of investors exactly how and when they could expect a return on their investment. Crowdfunding (and Kickstarter) changed all of that when they began providing large pools of people with the ability to invest small amounts of money into projects, in essence taking the idea of a large amount of money coming from one person and producing the same large amount of money from small, individual investments from the public. Each of these small investments in Kickstarter projects has a return potential, generally in the shape of a product being offered for sale. The majority of Kickstarter campaigns involve products that have been created that are unique and fill a niche that is lacking, but which in the past would have had to be sold to a larger manufacturer of company in order to see fruition. Kickstarter has allowed those who believe in the product to purchase one before the production begins, funding the idea and therefor allowing it to become reality without large scale manufacturers being involved. This new source of funding has put many new businesses into the manufacturing space, however it is difficult to call them businesses as many have not worked out much of the aspects of maintaining operations. They have an idea, a product and a way to get it produced, but the rest may be a mystery to them.

Kickstarter fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders fill in the gaps that may have been missing in your Kickstarter business plan. Once you have secured your funding and are beginning manufacturing, you are going to need to figure out how to get all of those products to your customers, and without investment in employees and warehouses, you are going to need a company to contract who takes care of that end of the ordering. Ship My Orders takes the place of an entire fulfillment department, taking the orders that are placed through your software and fulfilling them from the inventory which you store in our warehouse spaces. Our employees pull the orders from your inventory, pack and ship the orders to your customers. You will not have to have the commitment of the hassles of figuring out the fulfillment ends of business, and instead can concentrate on growing your Kickstarter campaign and sales of your products. Contact us today for info on Kickstarter fulfillment.