Kickstarter And The Necessity Of A Fulfillment Company

Delivery man portraitKickstarter is the popular online forum where regular people can invest their money into the crowdfunding of ideas, products and companies.  Through an investment in a Kickstarter campaign, the person who invested is provided with specific elements that are considered part of the purchase.  This might range from anything like products that are being offered to actual stock in the company itself.  One thing that is overlooked many times with Kickstarter campaigns is a well constructed business plan.  Most Kickstarter campaigns revolve around a good “idea” for a company or a product, however anyone who has ever watched the popular television show “Shark Tank” realizes, a good idea to not mean it is a company yet.

In many regards, Kickstarter allows entrepreneurs to put the horse before the cart, and instead of concentrating on all of the business aspects that go along with the production and sale of a “good idea,” the person is immediately funded by a large pool of money in order to make that idea come to fruition.  The idea itself is not what forms a company or actually gets products to the marketplace or ultimately into consumers hands, that is the function of the company structure….one that is completely missing within many Kickstarter campaigns.  In these cases, many entrepreneurs are faced with attempting to completely construct a company in order to sell a unique product to the masses, and they are faced with a world of business that they are probably not prepared for.  How exactly are these products going to be manufactured?  How will these products be sold to consumers, and most importantly how will they ultimately get into the consumer’s hands.  Sourcing manufacturing is one step of a Kickstarter campaign, but providing the actual warehousing and staff required to fulfill orders is quite another.  In most cases, the allure of online ecommerce within a Kickstarter campaign gives entrepreneurs the false idea that no staff is necessary, and the entirety of a transaction can happen on a website.  The problem comes into play when you realize that there has to be an actual staff fulfilling and shipping these orders.  The one way to handle this is to do it yourself, packing and shipping every order from your home or business location.  In circumstances where the campaign works well and business grows to beyond the point of being a “garage business,” the entrepreneur must figure out how to scale the business quickly.  One of two things must happen in this circumstance, you either have to secure a warehouse and staff to fulfill your orders, or you need to secure the services of a fulfillment company to do it for you.

Ship My Orders is a specialized Kickstarter fulfillment company, one that provides the necessary experience and software integration to interact with your ecommerce software and provide a seamless order fulfillment process.  Orders are placed on your website and transmitted to our warehouses where your inventory is stored.  These orders are picked, packed and shipped by our trained staff.  We take the guesswork out of the manual aspects of the shopping process, the ones that so many entrepreneurs on Kickstarter are unfamiliar with.  Your job is to provide the great idea, ours is to provide the customers with your products in the fastest and most inexpensive manner possible.  Together, your Kickstarter campaign and Ship My Orders can make a team that allows you to grow your new business as quickly as is necessary.