Your Kickstarter Campaign And Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment CenterSo you had a great idea for a new product and have gone through the process of making a prototype.  A lot of people are saying that they would love to purchase a product like it, and you have taken it to Kickstarter in order to see if enough people would be willing to purchase one in advance in order to fund the actual production of the item.  Your Kickstarter campaign crosses the limit, and it is a go! Now that you have the money to produce your first run of products, and you have orders that you are going to need to fulfill, you realize that you do not have the infrastructure to actually accomplish that goal.  What are you going to do, pack every one of them and address the boxes yourself with a magic marker? Are you going to put your mother and father to work packing boxes and shipping them out? It is time to look into the services of a Kickstarter fulfillment company like Ship My Orders.

Ship My Orders specializes in situations just like yours, where you are not really a business yet but still have a lot of orders for products that are going to have to get processed and delivered to the customers that purchased them.  You do not have a warehouse of your own, and there is almost no possibility of securing a warehouse for a short term lest that will give you the flexibility to grow or shrink once the real and ongoing sales numbers start coming in.  Lets face it, you have no idea how many units you will be selling once the kickstarter campaign is over and you are no longer receiving promotion from the platform.  You might have low sales or you might have way more than you can handle, so how can you effectively negotiate a warehouse space that will be adequate for your needs.  If you over buy, you will be out of business soon because you have too much debt, but if you under buy then you won’t be able to process the orders adequately from that space.  Your customers trusted in you, and you need to deliver their products on time.  This is why engaging our services is such a good idea.  We can use software to communicate with your kickstarter account that will transmit the order list to us.  We will hold your inventory in our warehouse and use our employees to process all the orders.  This leaves you free from the responsibility and able to concentrate on growing your business once you are onto your next production run.

If your business has a kickstarter campaign running that is going to succeed, and you need help fulfilling all those customer orders once it closes, contact our representatives immediately.  We understand that you are new to this, and do not have the experience that a functioning business has.  We can help you through that process so that you do not make the rookie mistakes that put so many other businesses just like your out of business.  Use us to be successful.