Kickstarter Fulfillment Company

Office work on a laptop.One of the newest sources of investment capital to come available to potential entrepreneurs looking for venture funding is crowdfunding.  Through this type of arrangement, a potential entrepreneur posts details about the venture that they are trying to fund, in addition to specific perks that an investor will be given if specific donation requirements are met.  This form of venture funding allows many people to contribute small amounts of money to interesting ventures instead of the traditional form of a potential business person having to shop investment firms looking for large pools of money.  This form of funding allows for more participation from an interested public while at the same time promoting the venture in the public space and therefore raising awareness.  One of the most successful platforms for crowdfunding is a website called Kickstarter, where thousands of potential businesses and products are featured, looking for specific goal amounts of money in order for their ventures to become a reality.

One unique feature of a Kickstarter campaign is the potential to become fully funded through achieving the goal amounts quite quickly, due to the volume of visitors to the website as well as the viral nature of some of the campaigns.  As a campaign grows in interest from the public, it becomes even more popular through the “viral effect” as the information spreads from person to person.  In this regard, campaigns can achieve their goals quite quickly, causing the recipient of the funding to be forced to work out all of the details involved in creating a business in a significantly shortened period of time than traditionally.  In these types of cases, sometimes the specifics of the daily operations of the new business may not have been planned out, and will need to be addressed almost immediately in order to become fully functional.  Because many Kickstarter businesses operate within the online space, shipping, fulfillment and warehousing are potential issues which may have not been adequately researched.  This is why Ship My Orders positions ourselves as a “Kickstarter fulfillment company,” in that we are set up to be able to quickly create an interface between your shopping cart or order management system and warehouse your products, removing the responsibility of dealing with order fulfillment yourself.  Not all Kickstarter businesses need fulfillment companies, but anyone who finds themselves creating a business that allows people to purchase goods that need to be stored and shipped should discuss our Kickstarter fulfillment options with our representatives.  Our streamlined operations as well as our warehousing spaces on the East Coast as well as the West Coast offer you affordable and convenient options that are perfect for businesses just like yours.