Multiple Warehouses Means Savings

Fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders allow businesses to act in a way that is completely virtual, eliminating both their physical store locations in exchange for virtual sales places like websites, and eliminating their physical warehouses and fulfilment staff by outsourcing to a third party.  The benefits of outsourcing these duties is that you are no longer forced to speculate on warehouse space necessary by projecting sales, nor are you forced to maintain a staff that will process orders.  By eliminating the need to speculate on space that is necessary, you are able to act in a fluid way based on sales within shorter timeframes, and can adjust your inventory space necessary as you see fit.  If you are tied into a long term lease, you can either overbuy and then potentially be in financial difficulty if sales do not justify that expense, or if you under project then you are potentially stuck in a space that cannot process orders effectively, producing unhappy customers.  By outsourcing your fulfillment responsibilities to a third party, you only pay for the space that is necessary for you to house the appropriate amount of inventory, and our staff can process any level of sales that you have at any moment.  You are free to simply allow the sales to happen, we handle the rest.

One of the benefits of our service that many go overlooked is the money that can be saved in shipping charges by using our dual warehouse system.  What this means is that we maintain strategic positions of warehouses on the east coast and the west coast in order to allow for the starting point of each order to be the closest to the customer possible.  Because our software routes your orders to our system and we can choose the warehouse to process that order from, we can continually process the orders from the warehouse that is closest to the customer.  Over time, this continual shortening of the distances traveled in shipping will not only save you money, but also will continually provide orders to the customers in the shortest shipping times possible.  In most cases, quoted ship times of five days will actually be more like two or three days, delighting customers when orders come earlier than expected.

The savings that are generated in shipping using our dual warehouse system can be applied to your bottom line as profits if you charge a flat fee for domestic shipping, or it can be passed off to customers.  Either way, the customers will either find that they receive orders early or save money in shipping charges.  Both scenarios will help you delight customers and make more sales.  Third party fulfillment services like Ship My Orders allows for a better streamlined business that is easier to run, has less projection necessary, saves money and also has less responsibility.  You can finally have that virtual business that you always wanted, where you can concentrate on growing sales instead of being bogged down by the minute details.