Nashville Ecommerce Fulfillment

Laptop and coffee cup in girl’s hands sitting on a wooden floorEcommerce businesses who are seeking fulfillment services that are positioned in Nashville can now consider Ship My Orders, one of the West Coast’s most respected shipping fulfillment companies.  Earlier in the year, the decision was made to expand operations beyond the West Coast warehouse that was located in Las Vegas, and seek warehouse space that would be positioned to more effectively service East Coast customers.  With the expansion decision made, the Nashville location made perfect sense due to it’s strategically correct positioning in the heart of the eastern half of the US and it’s accessibility to major shipping routes.  Due to the fact that the majority of transportation of merchandise to customers within the United States happens via truck, the access to major shipping routes allows for less expensive rates from the third-party shipping services like UPS and FEDEX, thus allowing for less expense that would be either absorbed as loss by the client or passed off to the customer.  With cheaper and better shipping options due to the origination position, Ship My Orders can extend these savings to clients to either add to their bottom line or pass off to customers in order to build brand loyalty.  Your customers will be delighted to have a package show up in two days when they expect five, and that translates to happier customers who buy more in the future.

Nashville makes nothing but sense as the origination point for all of your East Coast customers, and through the dual warehouse system that is offered as an option at Ship My Orders, you can position your inventory and origination point closer to your customers for every order.  If a customer orders from your website and their address is on the West Coast, the order gets routed to our West Coast warehouse where you hold inventory.  If the customer is located on the East Coast, the order gets routed to our Nashville facility for origination.  Through this process, we get to make sure the shortest travel distance is had for every one of your orders that is placed, and the lowest possible shipping charge is absorbed.

Would you like to find out more about Ship My Orders’ unique system of inventory management and fulfillment services utilizing out two strategic locations on the East and West coast?  If you would, just contact our friendly staff and request a quote for your business.  We will take into consideration the type of products you sell, your estimated amount of monthly shipments, your typical customer location and various other items like your ecommerce software that is currently employed on your website.  After we gather this information, we will be able to provide you with a quote that we are sure you will be pleased with, not only taking the hassles of shipping off of your plate so you can concentrate on growing your business, but actually providing your customers with a far greater level of professionalism and dedication to the task.  We are the best in the fulfillment industry, and we want to be your first choice.