Nashville Fulfillment

Cardboard boxes in warehouseWhen making decisions about which fulfillment company to choose in order to handle the packing, picking and shipment of your orders to your customers, it is always a good idea to consider the proximity of the actual warehouse space from which the order will be shipped to the destination address.  The cardinal rule for shipping is that the closer the customer is to the origination of the order, the better off the entire process will be from all aspects.  The customer will generally receive the order at their door in a shorter timeframe, making for happier customers over time.  Additionally, shipping charges assessed from the actual transport company will be less, as they need less fuel in order to make the delivery.  This translates to the origination location of the order being very important to a strategic decision that benefits your business.  If your shipping fulfillment company only has a warehouse in one location within the United States, then at least half of the orders (provided you sell to the entire United States) will probably be covering more distance in shipping than if they were coming from a warehouse that was closer to them.  For this very reason, Ship My Orders operates from two warehouses strategically positioned on the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States.  Our locations were chosen due to the transport routes that run through them, and the destinations that are serviced by those routes.

Ship My Orders newest warehouse location is in the city of Nashville, TN which provides us with access to shipping routes that effectively service customers in both the Eastern and Southern portions of the United States.  Through our Nashville warehouse, we have the ability to pick, pack and process your orders in exactly the same timeframe as if the order had been routed to our other Las Vegas location, however we have the added ability to get the order delivered utilizing USPS, UPS or FEDEX in a faster and less expensive method than if we originated the order in Las Vegas.  Our customers who are located in the Southern and Eastern portions of the United States can benefit from the savings in shipping charges through a passthrough of savings on your part to them, or you can simply add the savings to your bottom line.  Either way that these cost savings are applied, it is ultimately beneficial to your business through money saved as well as customers pleased.

If you would like to find out more about Ship My Orders’ processes for providing shipping fulfillment services to your customers through either our Nashville fulfillment center or our Las Vegas fulfillment center, or a combination of both, please contact our customer service representatives who will be happy to provide you with a strategy that will benefit your business.  We do the fulfillment work so you don’t have to, and your customers benefit from the services we offer in addition to you.