Need A Shopify Fulfillment Company?

Shopify is an ecommerce system that takes a lot of the confusion out of selling things online.  When a typical merchant goes into business, they need to consider the best setup of systems that will allow their customers to purchase from them.  First they are going to need to understand what is necessary, then they are going to need to compare the different companies that make each of those components as far as services and the costs associated with the system itself.  They are then going to need to understand how to configure all of these elements together into a single working system that does not frustrate the customer, promoting not only a single purchase but repeat purchases from that customer.  For many people without experience, ecommerce is quite confusing and frustrating.  In the past, you simply rented a store and placed your items on shelves.  You put a cash register in the store and people paid for things that way.  Today people shop on the internet, and want to be able to simply put items in a virtual cart and pay for them securely.  The systems that are involved are a shopping cart system that works on the website itself, as well as an encryption system for the transaction and a processor for the credit cards.  While those with experience will understand how to configure these items, those who have no experience are typically quite confused and will become frustrated.  Why is it not easy like the old days? Shopify has made it easy.

Shopify takes the guesswork out of the whole thing.  Shopify provides templates for your ecommerce site that you configure to look like your brand and then simply upload your goods to.  The entire shopping process is configured on the Shopify platform so all you have to do is upload your items and then ship them out when they sell.  Shipofy processes the transactions and sends you a check for the money you have made after they deduct their fees.  The system is simple and allows many people who would not have tried opening their own business to do so.  The only problem is the processing of the orders.

Third party Shopify fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders specialize in the process.  You send your inventory to us, and when an order is placed on your sShopify website we process it and use our employees to get the order to the customer.  You no longer have to worry about fulfillment employees or negotiating leases with warehouse companies, and you also do not have to to all of the fulfillment from your spare room in your house any more.  We take care of everything past the point of the order being placed on your Shopify website, basically allowing you to become completely vitrual.  You do not need employees of any kind any more, no warehouse staff and no sales people.  Through the use of  Shopify website and a Shopify fulfillment company like ours, you can jst sit back and collect the checks.