Need A Warehouse In The USA?

The beauty of the internet is that it can connect people from all over the world and provide them with the ability to share messages and information.  In addition to the sharing of ideas and knowledge, there are mechanisms available on the internet that provide people with the ability to secure goods and services without ever being physically within range of the actual items.  Ecommerce gave people the ability to shop for items that were far away from their homes, and take advantage of the fact that items may be cheaper in one area over another.  If an item was cheaper in another state in the past, you had to drive to that state in order to purchase.  Now, you can simply go to their website and purchase the item, using shipping companies to transport that item directly to your door.  This situation becomes even more powerful when considering other countries, where items may be able to be manufactured and retailed for far less money due to a variety of circumstances.  The ability for people to shop from retailers who are not within their physical country gives and ability to not only save money, but also to support businesses located in countries where there may not be much more for opportunity.  The issues arise with the disparity in shipping charges.  Most of the items that are purchased in the United States were manufactured in other countries then shipped in bulk to retailers.  These retailers pay for the item itself, plus a fee for the transport of that item to the United States.  They then add the costs of retailing it and a profit margin to come to the final prices that a consumer must pay.  By giving the consumer the ability to purchase directly from the manufacturer or a retailer in that country where the item is produced, you can cut out many of the charges associated with its sale.  However the prices for shipping one item to a customer directly are quite high compared to bulk transport to the US retailer, many times making the prices fall around the same place.

Now, foreign retailers can actually bring their prices down using a new concept, the third party US fulfillment company.  This is a business like Ship My Orders, which has warehouses within the United States.  We hold your inventory in our warehouses which you ship to us in bulk, and we use our employees to pull the orders that are placed on your website from inventory and arrange for transport to the customer.  You will pay the same shipping rates as any business that is located within the United States, and our fees will be far less than if you tried to operate your own warehouses here.  This geographic positioning of your inventory inside the US without the inconveniences and costs of maintaining employees and a warehouse inside the country give you a great strategic edge over your competition.  You can now charge far lower prices than your domestic competition, and provide the exact same service as if your business was located inside the US.  Contact us today.