Your New Order Fulfillment Center

Congratulations on making one of the wisest decisions you have ever made with regards to your business, choosing to partner with Ship My Orders as your order fulfillment center.  In case you need clarification as to how the service works, allow us to take a few minutes and fill you in on the process.  Ship My Orders is a third-party fulfillment company operating from two warehouses located in Las Vegas NV and Nashville TN.  The reason we operate from two different warehouses is that it give us the ability to distribute orders to customers that are close to each respective warehouse, thus saving time and money on the transportation aspects of the process.  The average coast to coast shipping time is five days, and by processing orders from warehouses that are located less than half the distance of the country from the customer, we can generally get the order delivered in 2 or 3 days.  In addition to this time savings which benefits your business in terms of customer satisfaction, we can cut down on the shipping charges of nearly every order as well.  This means if you charge a flat rate for shipping that will transport an order coast to coast, you will actually be able to show the difference of actual cost for shipping as profit to be applied to your bottom line.  Many times, these savings will completely offset the charges associated with our order processing, essentially making your shipping of orders cost nearly nothing to do.

You ship your inventory to our warehouses in bulk, and we take if from there.  We place it into our secure warehouses and utilize a software that connects our systems to your shopping cart.  When an order is placed on your website we are notified of the details and pull that order from the inventory located at the warehouse closest to the customer.  If there is not adequate inventory on hand that can cover that order, then the order is processed from the next closest warehouse that holds inventory.  The order is processed using our employees, and prepared for shipping in the manner that is specified by you.  We contact the shipper and the order is sent to the customer from our warehouse.

The charges that you pay are for the amount of warehouse space that you use in each of our warehouses and a processing charge for our employees to package the items.  You then will pay the fees associated with transport using FEDEX or UPS, or another manner of delivery.  In most cases, the use of our service will save significant amounts of money over trying to operate your own warehouses and staff, and there is no doubt that your duties as a manager will be less stressful as you will no longer have these responsibilities on your plate.  Orders will be shipped cheaper and faster than if you try to do it yourself as well.  If you need more information contact our customer service specialists any time, and welcome to the family.