Your Order Fulfillment Center

If you have just started your online business or have been in business for many years, you have probably considered that the website and online sales software has given you the ability to eliminate your physical presence as far as a store, but you have never been able to effectively do the same as far as your fulfillment.  You still need employees and physical spaces in order to take those orders that are placed on your website and process them in order to get them to the customers.  When you initially dreamed up your business you might have thought you were going to be able to be completely virtual, but even if you were doing the processing of orders out of your garage, success means that this end of the business is going to outgrow that strategy.  You started needing to manage employees and search for appropriate warehouse spaces, negotiate leases and get insurance.  This was literally all of the things that you were trying to start an online business in order to avoid.

Now there is a solution for those people who are trying to run a successful business that is actually virtual.  Ship My Orders is your order fulfillment center, acting as your back of house and relieving you of all of the responsibilities of this type of work.  The way it works is simple, you ship your inventory to our warehouses that are strategically located on the east coast and the west coast, and we manage the inventory in our warehouses alongside other customers.  Your inventory is completely safe due to the fact that only our employees have access, and we are the only ones working with each customer.  You will save money because you are not renting an entire warehouse, and instead are only paying for the space that you need.  Our employees are notified when an order is placed on your website through a software connection between our servers and your sales software.  When an order comes in, the items are pulled from the existing inventory and processed as you specify.  The order is then arranged for shipping to the customer using FEDEX, UPS or the US mail.  The fees you pay are for processing each order and the shipping fees.  In most cases, the charges that you will pay are actually far cheaper than if you were trying to manage the process yourself, and you no longer need to worry about anything at all.  You get a professional back of house service for less than if you hired your own employees.

Our customers will often times also save money on every order that is shipped due to the strategic placement of our warehouses on major transportation routes.  When money is saved on every order shipped, it literally adds to the bottom line while being convenient and getting orders to customers in less time than they expect.  If you are interested in learning about our processes, and how we can help your business improve, contact our customer service representatives today.