Your Order Fulfillment Center

An ecommerce business is once that utilizes an online method for selling products to the public.  The traditional methods of sales positioned inventory within a physical store, which was frequented by customers during their operational times in order for them to purchase the products from inventory held onsite.  Ecommerce changed the process by allowing customers to access product information from a website and then pay for those products on that site.  The inventory that supplied the order to the customer through a shipping process did not need any more to be in the same place that the order was taken, allowing merchants to begin experimenting with ways to position the inventory closer to customers in order to cut down on shipping charges and times.  Through this process of cost reductions, merchants who operate online were almost always able to offer their products for lower prices than traditional merchants.  While the ecommerce process took some time to become trustworthy, it is now an integral part of everyone’s lives.  People are used to shopping online, and are not intimidated by the fact that a warehouse does not need to be anywhere near them in order for their order to be received at their home within a matter of days.

All this being said, ecommerce is a process that benefits from cost cutting, even if it is only small amounts off every order.  The advent of comparison shopping engines that show searchers the prices of the same item within multiple online stores forces ecommerce merchants to continually search for new ways to lower costs, even if it is only by small amounts.  This is where the development of third-party fulfillment businesses gave ecommerce merchants the edge over their competition.  The only real physical elements necessary for many online shops are inventory, a place to store that inventory and employees to process the orders themselves.  By allowing these merchants to position their inventory in a warehouse that is also shared by other merchants, costs are shaved off the operational expenses.  You no longer need to rent an entire warehouse yourself, and instead only need to rent the space that you use within a larger warehouse.  The actual fulfillment duties are undertaken by employees of the fulfillment company, and in the same regards money is saved by not employing people when there is no order to process.  You pay per order that is processed, not by the hour.

Shipping and order fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders work through a process of receiving orders that are placed on your website, then fulfilling them from the inventory in their warehouses.  You restock the inventory in the warehouses as it gets low through bulk shipping, and no matter how many or how few orders are placed there is always  enough labor to fulfill the orders in a timely manner.  If you are interested in growing your business to the next level and alleviating the pressures of taking that step, contact Ship My Orders to find out more about our programs.