Order Fulfillment Center In Las Vegas

Ship My Orders is a specialized order fulfillment and logistics company headquartered in Las Vegas NV, and with strategic warehouse placements in Las Vegas and Nashville TN.  These warehouse locations were specifically chosen for their positioning on key transportation routes, and with a centralized position within their respective half of the country.  Through these two locations, our customers can benefit from the origination point of their orders being within one-quarter of the country on nearly every order, no matter the customer location.  This enables our customers to benefit from lowered transport charges and far faster shipping times.  Orders which would generally be promised for delivery within five days using ground transport will usually be delivered in two to three days, and will be delivered for discounted rates due to the fact that distances traveled were not coast to coast.  So how do our fulfillment services work?

Our customers bulk ship their inventories to our warehouses in Las Vegas and in Nashville, provided that they want to use our dual warehouse system.  Your inventory is cataloged and logged into our systems for inventory management, and then your shopping cart software like Shopify, Woocommerce, Open Cart, Zen Cart and nearly any other ecommerce system is connected to ours.  When orders are placed on your website by your customers, they are routed to the nearest warehouse that holds enough inventory to fulfill the order.  If there is not enough inventory at that location, then the order is fill from the closest location holding inventory.  If there is not enough inventory to fill the order, it is backordered and filled when there is available inventory.  The entire process is handled by our employees who are specifically trained in the fulfillment business, and who will utilize any packaging and transportation systems that you prefer.  You are charged for the warehouse space that you utilize, and a fee per order that is fulfilled.  Transportation charges are also paid by the customer.

Nearly all types of business will not only save money but also benefit from improved services by using Ship My Orders.  Because our warehouses hold your inventory as well as other customers, you are not footing the entire bill for a warehouse that you only use part of. You are also not paying employees who are not working when there are no orders to fill.  This system will also provide you with the ability to scale your business up or down effectively based on sales trends.  You do not need to pay for a whole warehouse even during the slower or seasonal times, as well as keeping a staff trained and in place.  If sales increase and you need more space, we simply do so.  If you are in a slow period, you are not stuck with a long term lease that could sink your business if you do not have enough sales.  It is the perfect solution for business owners looking for a better solution and a way to reduce operational expenses.  Contact Ship My Orders today.