Order Fulfillment In Nashville

man in warehouseBusinesses that are located in the general vicinity of Nashville TN who are interested in saving money should read this.  Some of the biggest expenses that is associated with growing a business is maintaining the fulfillment services aspects of your business.  If you are a traditional brick and mortar store and want to get into the business of selling your products to people outside of your general vicinity via shipping, you are probably looking at the costs associated with getting a warehouse to store all of your inventory as well as the additional staff that you would need to process the new orders.  In many cases, these costs seem quite high in addition to your current costs with running your store, and the location itself would not be appropriate to try and run a shipping business from.  Your answer is Ship My Orders.

Ship My Orders is a dedicated order fulfillment service located in Nashville TN and operating an additional location in Las Vegas, NV.  Our services involve warehousing your inventory in a dedicated space within our warehouse, and maintaining ongoing shipping of orders from our warehouses to your customers upon ordering.  Here is how it works, a customer places an order through your shopping cart software, either on your website or through any internal source that is running your software.  After the order is processed and paid for, the information on the order is transmitted to our location for processing.  Our staff accesses your inventory and pulls the correct items, packs the order in the method you choose, and prepares the item for shipping via the carrier that is specified.  The order is picked up by the shipping carrier at the next scheduled time, and the order arrives at your customer’s door within the timeframe that is provided.  One benefit to using an order fulfillment service located in Nashville is the proximity to east coast customers as well as the strategic location on shipping routes.  This will generally translate to savings per order on packages that are shipped to east coast addresses, along with faster ground transport times.  Where typical ground delivery takes five days, many of your customers will receive their orders in half that time.  Additional savings can be applied to your bottom line or provided as savings to your customers.

Businesses who wish to provide faster shipping and savings on shipping charges to their west coast customers as well may want to consider our “bi-warehouse” strategy, where inventory is held in both our east and west coast locations, allowing for routing from the closer warehouse no matter where your customer is located.  Utilizing this plan allows you to have the shortest distance between the warehouse and customer on every order which is placed, saving shipping charges on every order.

Nashville businesses can benefit from the services of Ship My Orders simply by not absorbing the warehousing and staffing costs, as well as shipping transport savings on all orders.  Contact us today for additional information.