The Order Fulfillment Process

Many businesses who are seeking methods of cost reduction will entertain the idea of order fulfillment and logistics through companies like Ship My Orders, and begin to explore the ways that we can not only save money on every order but also reduce the amount of responsibility that a business owner has long term.  In many ways, the most dangerous aspect of any business is the necessity of committing to long-term leases for store fronts and warehouse spaces in order to effectively store inventory.  In addition to that commitment, businesses must invest in the human capital that is necessary in order to do the actual processing of orders.  These expenses are generally speculative based upon sales projections, with the owner or manager committing to a specific size of warehouse or number of employees hoping that the sales for the business will be in line with the projections.  If there is too little or too many sales, the life of the business could be compromised.

Order fulfillment companies remove that responsibility from business owners, and in most cases will also save the business money through less expense being generated by each order that is processed.  A typical fulfillment company will charge the business a specific fee for the storage of the inventory within a cooperative warehouse space that only employees of the shipping fulfillment company have access to, and then also charge a fee per order processed.  Shipping itself is arranged through a third-party transportation company like UPS or FEDEX.  Because order fulfillment companies use their own employees and warehouse space to process your orders, you have no need to speculate as you can scale the process as necessary.

The order fulfillment process is simple.  Our warehouse receives the orders that are placed on your website through a connection to your shopping cart software.  You will receive the order information as well as us, and we will route your order from the warehouse closest to the customer that holds your inventory (we have two locations on the east coast and the west coast for strategic positioning) using our employees to pull the order from inventory and process it in the method that is specified.  We then arrange for the transportation of that order to the customer.

Through the use of order fulfillment companies like ours, your business has the ability to become completely virtual, without any physical spaces or employees to manage.  You will be able to avoid the long term leases or contracts that are a potential killer for other businesses who cannot predict sales accurately.  By reducing your exposure to risk and your costs associated with each sale, you can achieve a completely streamlined business that allows you to concentrate on the things that matter most, like growing the sales.

Contact our representatives today to find out more about how our order fulfillment and logistics services work.  We are sure that we can help you save time and money, while positioning your inventory close to your customers no matter where your headquarters is located.