Order Fulfillment For US Consumers

The online sales world has changed the landscape with regards to the way merchants do business, and what is important to consumers.  In the past, a potential customer needed to be swayed by branding and presentation, as well as customer service and convenience of location.  Since the advent of online sales, the shift towards price being the entire motivating factor with regards to purchases has changed the way that business is done.  Customers no longer are tied to only being able to choose from stores in their local markets, and have access to stores that are located all over the country and the world.  They can effortlessly purchase items from stores located in other countries, and as a result get access to a wider range of products and prices that are far lower than would be seen in their home country.  This is due to the fact that the items can be manufactured and retailed for less money in other countries, and the only thing standing in the way of this being a perfect situation for both US consumers as well as foreign businesses is the amount of cost that is seen in the transporting of single items via FEDEX and UPS from overseas to a household in the US.  If the typical methods of transportation are used, the cost is prohibitive and generally the savings that were seen by purchasing overseas are wiped out by the added transportation costs.  If a slower method of shipping is used, it can take weeks or even months for ordered products to be received.  Either way, the experience is not beneficial to US shoppers.

This is why the utilization of US fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders makes so much sense for overseas businesses who want to effectively sell to US customers.  By bulk transporting your inventory to a US fulfillment company warehouse, you will incur only minimal shipping charges.  Through the utilization of a software system that facilitates communication between your website and the fulfillment company, the orders that are placed by US consumers are then able to be received and fulfilled by that local warehouse.  The result is savings on shipping that will allow the total purchase price paid by the customer to be lower than if the shipping had to originate in the home country of the business, and the order is able to be received in a matter of days.  This creates happy customers who can save money by purchasing items without the added charges associated with typical shipping, thus allowing an overseas business to enjoy all of the benefits that a local one would when it comes to selling to US customers.

If you would like more information on the way Ship My Orders can assist non-US businesses in expanding their customer base to US customers, contact our representatives today.  US customers love saving money, and by providing your items for sale to them without the added expenses typically seen, you can be a benefit to both them and to your own business as well.