Order Fulfillment USA

specialized fulfillment centerOrder fulfillment plays an important role in the business of internet retail with regards to companies that are located off of US soil, and who are selling products to customers inside the United States.  The main reason for the importance of US fulfillment services to these businesses is that the fees associated with shipping from outside the United States to customers inside are quite high, and will generally increase the price that needs to be paid by the customer in order to receive their order.  Savvy shoppers will generally price shop a few different sources for the same products, and realize that they can purchase the same product for a cheaper price if they use a company with a base in the US.  In order for foreign businesses to be able to compete on a level playing field, they will either need to secure warehouse space and employees within a country that they are not located.  The logistical aspects of management from another country are quite difficult, and most businesses will begin to seek out alternatives quite quickly.  This is where order fulfillment companies in the US come into play.

Ship My Orders does order fulfillment for companies located all over the world, delivering orders placed by their customers on websites or through other mediums.  The way it works is simple, you transfer your inventory to our warehouses located in Las Vegas NV or Nashville TN and we allocate space specifically for your products.  As customers order on your website those orders are transmitted to our staff through software which is integrated into your shopping cart.  If you are utilizing both of our warehouses, then the order is routed via the warehouse closest to the customer, creating the lowest shipping charge possible as less distance is traveled for delivery.  From your inventory, our employees pull the appropriate products that have been ordered and pack them into your packaging.  The order is then finalized and shipped to the customer through the method that has been dictated.

With a US fulfillment company working with you to process your orders from a warehouse located inside of the United States, instead of attempting to ship each and every US order across country lines, you will end up paying less in shipping charges on every order placed and will also delight your customers by reducing the shipping time down to times that they are used to.  A typical international shipping process adds weeks or even months to the process, causing customers to he hesitant to reorder due to the long wait times for their products.  When an order is processed from a strategic warehouse inside the US, the order will get to the customer in a maximum of five days, and can usually get there in as little as two.  This quick time between ordering and delivery, combined with the reasonable shipping charges, allows your business to compete with other businesses in your space who have offices and warehouses on US soil.  US shipping fulfillment makes sense, contact us today.