Overseas Companies Use US Fulfillment Companies

Online shopping and e-commerce backgroundEcommerce businesses from all over the world want to sell merchandise to American customers, the market is so large and the American customer is quite used to shopping online, so the targeting of customers in the United States makes sense for any business with products to sell. One of the largest challenges for overseas businesses with regards to selling to Americans through their websites is the fulfillment itself, and the getting the products to the customers. In many cases, overseas products have a very attractive price point for American shoppers, which suddenly becomes unattractive when they notice that the shipping charges can easily double the price of the item. This is not the fault of the merchant, and instead is based simply on the rates that companies like FEDEX and UPS charge to transport packages from overseas to United States addresses. In recent years, however, this issue has been solved through the use of US fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders to get your products to American addresses.

A US fulfillment company allows you to store merchandise that you sell through your website on US soil, through the renting of a space within a warehouse and the utilization of employees of that business to perform your fulfillment services. The warehouse address being within the US provides the ability to ship your products to United States customers for the same shipping rates that other US companies charge. By not having your merchandise start in an overseas location, you can save more than 50% on nearly every order that gets delivered to a United States customer, and even better is the fat that the customer will generally receive their order within a few days of ordering. This creates large savings on shipping charges that can be applied to your bottom line, and happier customers who will order more often.

The way it works is simple, you store your merchandise in one of our two warehouses in the United States. We have two warehouses to allow us to more effectively serve customers who are located on the east coast and the west costs, providing them with even more shipping cost savings and speeding up delivery times even further. When a customer orders anything from your website, our staff receives that order at our office, and our staff of dedicated shipping professionals pulls your order from inventory. That order is then processed, packed and prepared for transport to the customer using the transportation company that you have specified in your shopping cart. The customer receives the order within a few days due to the fact that we will source the order from the closest warehouse, saving your money and creating delighted customers. You are able to directly compete with businesses who are located within the US on both product and price as well as shipping charges and timeframes.

Contact Ship My Orders today to find out more information about how we can be utilized in order to allow for your overseas business to sell directly to US customers without additional shipping charges. The savings are yours and the customers will love to shop at your store because of it.