Overseas? Use a fulfillment company in the USA.

There are definite advantages to operating a business outside of the United States and selling products to customers inside the United States.  If you use a website to provide customer sales, one of the most effective tools at gaining sales today is through presentation on comparative shopping engines.  Basically, these versions of search engines index not only your products from your website, but also the pricing and shipping information associated with it.  When a customer searches for something that you sell, they are presented with a list of competitors all selling the same product for review.  These customers will generally see the cheapest option as the one they choose, so in order for you to get the sale all you have to do is price your products lower than the competing websites.  You also have to provide shipping options and time frames that do not make you stand out as being cheaper but less desirable.  The fact that you are housed outside of the United States will probably provide you with an advantage that domestic businesses do not have, being able to sell your products for lower prices.  The question is how to not appear as though those lower prices are coming at a cost of shipping times.

When you decide to take sales to the US seriously, it is a good idea to look into using the services of a US fulfillment company like us.  This will give you the ability to position your inventory inside of the United States for sales to US consumers.  What this means is that when an order is placed on your website we will be notified.  We will process the order from our warehouses inside the US and ship to the US customer from there.  That customer can now pay the reduced prices for shopping with a business that is not located inside the US and still receive their products in the same short time frames that any US business would get it to them in.  This will usually be less than five days, and generally will be in one or two days.  You will be able to dominate sales from within the search engines by selling your products cheaper and still offer the same shipping charges and rates, and it will not have a negative impact on your bottom line.

The competition between US businesses and foreign businesses within a global economy and in the age of the internet has become more available to even small foreign businesses to compete.  The US consumer market is huge, and represents great opportunity for anyone who is willing to open their website up to US sales.  Now you can operate exactly like any US business except without all of the issues that would go into operating a warehouse located inside the US from overseas, or see the reduced sales that go along with long shipping times.  You can compete on the global level, and sell to US customers, and we are here to help you make that happen.  Contact us today.