Do You Sell To East Coast Customers?

Ship My Orders is an east coast fulfillment company, as well as a west coast fulfillment company.  This is due to the fact that we have warehouses located in both Nashville TN and Las Vegas NV which are positioned along major transit lines that service both the east and west coasts respectfully.  So why do we need two warehouses to operate from? The same reason that you need an east coast fulfillment company if you sell to east coast customers.

Using a fulfillment company is smart business.  You get to relieve yourself of the pressures of negotiating leases with warehouse companies or paying mortgages for a space that you can only speculate will be enough size.  If your sales are too slow, then you will have over purchased your warehouse space and will be paying more than you can afford to keep it.  If you go too small then you will not have adequate space to service your clientele.  The same goes for employees, if you have too few you can’t get the orders out fast enough to make customers happy and if you have too many then you might not make enough money to cover their salaries.  All of these speculative things come into play when you are trying to grow a business, and the wrong choices can put you out of business fast.  If you sell to customers all over the country, the same kinds of things are true. If your warehouse is located on the east coast then any order that goes to the west coast is going to cost you more than you should be paying.  You will be paying the lowest shipping amounts for customers that are located near the warehouse that the orders originate from, and the most for the customers farther away.  This is why Ship My Orders has placed warehouses strategically for our customers who want to take advantage of paying the lowest shipping amounts on every order placed.  If the customer is on the east coast, then we will ship from our Nashville warehouse as long as there is adequate amounts of inventory on hand.  The same is true for west coast customers and shipping from Las Vegas.  By paying only the minimum amounts on each and every order shipped, you get to apply the savings directly to your bottom line, or pass those savings off to customers.  No matter what, shipping from a warehouse that is near the customer is beneficial to your business.

The other aspect of being in close proximity to your customer is the fact that shipping times are reduced.  Typical ground shipping takes about five days, but if the warehouse is close to the customer the order may show up in two or three days instead.  Customers are always impressed when they are given customer service that they do not expect, and studies show that exceeding their expectations will make them order with you again in the future.  By using our dual warehouse plan, Ship My Orders allows you to do just that.