Ship My Orders : A East Coast Fulfillment Company

warehouseOne of the wisest decisions that an ecommerce merchant can make today is to employ a fulfillment company. These types of specialized businesses take the responsibilities of shipping and fulfillment away from you and allow you to concentrate on growing your business instead of packing boxes with products and arranging their transport. The world of ecommerce has changed the landscape of sales forever, allowing people who do not have the initial investment to build out a traditional store with employees and retail spaces, and sell their merchandise in a virtual environment that does not need these types f things in order to produce sales. As a matter of face, ecommerce is actually a far more effective method of selling items due to the fact that you do not need to draw from a local population, and instead you can sell to larger areas like the entire country or even the entire planet. All of this is accomplished through sales software that is integrated into your website that allows for customers to choose items and then pay for them. The only time that the process becomes a manual one is once the order is confirmed and someone needs to pull the items from inventory, put them into boxes and arrange for shipping of the items to the customers. This is where fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders come into play, by allowing the process to be fully automated from your standpoint as owner. We take care of the manual processes of your order fulfillment using our warehouses and employees.

Ship My Orders is an east coast fulfillment company, as well as being a west coast fulfillment company. What this means is that we have two different warehouses with which you can house inventory and utilize our services. One warehouse is located on the east coast in Nashville TN and the other is located on the west coast in Las Vegas, NV. Through positioning the warehouses in these strategic areas, we allow for the customers who hold inventory in both areas to save on shipping charges to half of their customers. Over time, this can save a business thousands of dollars in shipping charges as well as create far shorter transport times to the customers due to the fact that the orders are sourced from the warehouse closest to the customer’s home. This provides you with the ability to target east coast customers or west coast customers and sell to them using the shortest transport distances available. Your customers get their orders faster than they expect, and you save on shipping with each and every order. If you have enough sales, the system easily pays for itself.

Your east coast customers will receive their orders in an average of 2 days instead of the typical 5 days that is quoted for ground transportation. In addition, the shipping charges to the east coast customers will be far less than if the order was to come from a west coast warehouse. Ship My Orders is the east coast fulfillment center you have been looking for.