Ship My Orders : A West Coast Fulfillment Company

delivery man checking packages to be deliveredThe advent of ecommerce has been a game changer with regards to not only the ability for customers to be exposed to products that they typically would not find at their local stores, but also to allow merchants to reduce the prices that need to be charged to their customers in order to keep their margins intact. The way that ecommerce has allowed merchants to charge more competitive prices is through the elimination of several costs which were once thought to be necessary, in the form of a brick and mortar location as well as employee and build out expenses. Along with these costs comes the utilities and other monthly expenses associated with running a traditional store. All of these have been able to be eliminated through the automation of online shopping software, which presents details about products to customers through websites, then allows them to purchase those items using a form of payment. The information about this order is then transmitted to the department that is the only one needing manual labor costs to be associated, until now.

Shipping fulfillment allows for ecommerce merchants to actually automate their processes and not endure the costs of operating and maintaining their own warehouses or employees. Orders placed through a website are routed to specialized fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders, who intercept the order and then pull the paid for items from an inventory which is housed at their warehouse. Using the employees of the fulfillment center, the order is processed and transportation is arranged to the customer. This allows the merchant themselves to not have to employ people or rent warehouse space in order to sell items online, and in many cases will actually provide a far superior customer experience as the order itself is processed and shipped in a far quicker time frame. Additionally, the shipping times and costs can be reduced, adding to the bottom line of the merchant.

Shipping charges can be reduced to their absolute lowest levels by utilizing our dual warehouse system. Ship My Orders operates multiple warehouses on the east coast and the west coast, allowing us to source your orders to your customers from the most appropriate warehouse with regards to proximity to the customer. By reducing the actual miles traveled by the shipping company, the charges are brought down to a level which saves money on each order that would have been sourced from a warehouse on the other side of the country. Through saving shipping charges on 1/2 of your customer orders, you will see significant savings. In addition, your customers will be delighted when a typical ground shipping 5 day time frame is achieved in 2 days, which is the case with many orders that are processed using our system. Studies have shown that exceeding customer expectations is the best way to generate repeat business, which will grow your customer base over time. In order to find out more about our east coast fulfillment services or our west coast fulfillment services, contact Ship My Orders today.