Ship My Orders : A West Coast Fulfillment Company

Forklift truck in warehouse or storage loading cardboard boxes. 3dBusinesses that engage in ecommerce utilizing a website to sell merchandise have several distinct advantages over those who engage in traditional commerce practices using a brick and mortar location to sell their merchandise.  First and foremost, the savings on not having to maintain a physical location and staff that are employees within that location in order to facilitate the sales process of your merchandise  can save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year and allow ecommerce merchants to keep their prices far lower than traditional ones.  If the aspects of the merchandise can be conveyed enough to make a potential buyer feel comfortable that they understand the product enough to purchase without the help of a salesperson or seeing the product in person, then all of the costs associated with that sales process can be eliminated, bringing the total costs of making a sale to be compromised by the website maintenance, advertising and order fulfillment.  Smart ecommerce businesses have now found that they can further eliminate costs by utilizing a fulfillment company like Ship My Orders to maintain the inventory and take care of the shipping of products from their warehouses.  This ability to eliminate the necessities of independent warehouse space and employees in favor of a more cooperative environment where our employees and warehouses are used for your business as well as others like yours saves even more money, and now with the addition of our East Coast location we can provide the greatest level of savings possible by positioning your merchandise near each and every customer, saving the maximum amount of shipping charges on each and every order.

Ship My Orders maintains two locations, one on the East and one on the West Coasts of the United States.  Our West Coast location is in Las Vegas, NV and services the orders that are closer in proximity to our location than our East Coast warehouse in Nashville TN.  By sourcing the orders to either the East or West Cost locations based upon the customer address, we can create ther shortest point between the origination point and end points on every order, decreasing distances traveled on every order.  This allows customers to receive a higher level of service and satisfaction on their orders due to the decreasing of the estimated shipping times that are typical.  On ground orders that typically take five days for delivery, we will see these orders being delivered in as few as two days in some cases.  This unexpected over achievement translates to happier customers who return and buy from your store more often.  In addition, the typical shipping charges associated with this setup are cheaper for each and every order, as many shipping charges are calculated by distances that are traveled between the two points.  By starting the process from a strategically closer point on each and every order, you can either charge your customers less for shipping or you can apply these savings to your bottom line and increase profits.  No matter how you look at it, using Ship My Orders as your West Coast fulfillment company or your East Coast fulfillment company just makes sense.