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Ship My Orders Works With Your Shopping Cart

Preparation of goods for dispatchThere are literally hundreds of different shopping cart software systems that a ecommerce merchant can employ on their website in order to facilitate the ability for customers to purchase merchandise from them, all with unique features but all having essentially the same core functionality. The larger shopping cart systems like Magneto and Shopify are completely integrated, meaning that they are built as a platform that will allow a merchant to utilize an entire system as a website, putting their own products into the system and customizing their website using a proprietary platform. These systems are easy to use and allow someone without much experience designing and developing websites to get their store up and running quickly. Other shopping cart systems like Woocommerce and Zencart are more of a plugin type of software that operates on your server in order to allow for products to be purchased through a website that is not part of a larger system, and is essentially operating on it’s own on your own server. These types of shopping carts will require slightly more understanding of how the systems are configured within a website, but once again they provide much the same as far as technology, allowing a person to view your products and learn about them, then purchase them using a variety of methods. The shopping cart software then confirms the order and sends the payment through a clearing company who then deposits the money for the order into your bank account. The last function of the software is to alert you as to which products were ordered, the address of the customer and the terms they agreed to as far as payment and shipping. From that point on it is up to you to facilitate the delivery of that order to the customer, and this is Where Ship My Orders allows you to completely automate your process.

Most online merchants are appreciative of the ability to automate their process of shopping, not being involved very much with the customers who are purchasing their merchandise. The fulfillment process is a manual procedure of packing inventory into boxes and arranging for transportation of the products to the customer’s home or business, and this is the one area that has been difficult to automate traditionally. Most merchants needed to employ people to do the fulfillment services, as well as maintaining their inventory in a warehouse. These extra expenses were difficult for many ecommerce merchants to absorb, and this is why Ship My Orders was born. We manage your inventory from our warehouses, and use our employees to facilitate the shipping of your orders to your customers. Our software interacts with your shopping cart of choice, no matter which system you have decided is the best one for you, and we are notified when a purchase is completed in the same way you are. Our employees then do the jobs that you typically would have to do, taking the responsibilities off of your plate so you can concentrate on running your business. Contact Ship My Orders today to find out more.

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Danny RichDanny Rich is the Director of Operations at Ship My Orders. Danny has over 15 years of experience in customer service, over 10 years of leading and managing teams, and four years helping others more effectively manage their teams.