Shopify and Ecommerce Fulfillment

Businessman Working At Desk In WarehouseShopify, like many other systems of it’s kind, is a suite of services that can be used by merchants to take some of the mystery out of selling products online.  The system functions as an “all inclusive” ecommerce system that provides potential merchants with a website and built in ecommerce system that gets the store up and running without much of the aspects that are confusing to many merchants.  Instead of having to configure credit card portals and security aspects, along with special bank accounts and processing pipes that allow customers to purchase items from a shopping cart on your website, Shopify functions as a system that allows you to open up a single account and put together a website that provides the ability for customers to purchase your items.  This convenience has created a large pool of people being in business selling products to customers all over the world, and is a great step forward in creating the ability to open up a business for people who may have been confused about the technical aspects of ecommerce.  Unfortunately, there is always the necessity for human interaction somewhere in the process, and the Shopify system does not have the ability to solve that issue.  Someone needs to provide the “fulfillment” of the ecommerce transactions, meaning that someone has to be notified that a product has been purchased, then that person must physically put the product in a box and ship it to the customer.  While many ecommerce businesses are small enough that providing your own fulfillment services is not an issue and can be done from a home or small office, in circumstances where the ecommerce business thrives many merchants are faced with the issue of providing effective fulfillment.  Luckily, this is where Shopify ecommerce fulfillment services like Ship My Orders come into play.

Ship My Orders provides the fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses just like yours, and those using the Shopify system enjoy the ability to have the orders placed on their websites be pushed through our software directly to our warehouses where we hold your inventory.  Our team then processes each order by picking the correct products from your inventory on hand, packing the orders and shipping to the customer utilizing a variety of shipping methods.  By removing the responsibilities of you personally shipping your products, the combination of Shopify and Ship My Orders can provide you with a truly automated business where you simply decide which products you want to sell and the prices, the rest being completely handled by your ecommerce software and our team.  You do not need to hire employees or maintain warehouse space in cities that are strategically located near your customers.  Instead, you can simply have Ship My Orders maintain your inventory at one of our strategically located warehouses, and we will route the orders to your customers from the location that is the shortest distance to the final address.  Through our system, you not only release yourself from the burden of shipping your products, but you will actually save in shipping charges.