Shopify Fulfillment Provides Ease

Shopify fulfillment

Shopify fulfillment

When you have decided to go into business selling products online, there are many confusing aspects to the process.  You will need to develop a website that has the ability for people to find and purchase your products, and you will have to connect it to a shopping cart system that will facilitate that purchase process.  Connected to the shopping cart system will have to be several items, a bank account that is capable of accepting ecommerce transactions, a company that will provide the credit card processing itself, and an encryption company that will act as the intermediary between your bank and your website.  While all of these products are readily available to anyone who wants to go into the ecommerce business, the configuration of these items together into a seamless process an be quite confusing.  Factor in the additional elements of tax plugins and shipping plugins from FEDEX or UPS and the process seems like a mountain to climb.  Luckily, there are companies like Shopify that make the process easy for you.  By creating an all in one shopping system that allows those without website configuration experience to get up and running, these systems are the preference of many merchants who just want to concentrate on selling their products.  Shopify allows you to sign up for their service and utilize a pre-built website to place your products into the correct shopping configuration.  Minor changes to the template make it branded for your business, and you can be up and selling your products within a matter of hours.  Shopify takes all of the mystery out of building an ecommerce website, leaving you to focus on the actual selling of your products.

One aspect that Shopify does not handle for you is the fulfillment of orders.  You will still bear the responsibility of packing the orders and shipping them to the customers who have purchased on your website, or hiring and managing employees to do it for you.  You will also have to figure out warehousing of your products, as well as maintaining inventory.  Many people who have chosen the Shopify system have done so in order to ease the responsibilities associated with the process, and employing a system that can take care of the fulfillment aspects allows them to fully concentrate on the aspects of sales that they want.  Ship My Orders is one of the nation’s premier Shopify fulfillment companies, taking all of the responsibilities of post sale fulfillment off of your table.  Ship My Order’s software works in conjunction with the Shopify system to get order information to their staff.  Your inventory is housed within our warehouses in Nashville TN and Las Vegas NV, and is picked, packed and shipped by trained staff with years of experience.  Your customer’s orders will be received on time, if not earlier, and will have been processed with no necessary interaction from you.  Your only job is to cash the checks!

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