Shopify and Woocommerce Fulfillment

Most ecommerce websites use one of a few major shopping cart systems in order to sell products.  Depending on your level of experience programming and designing is probably one of the major factors that went into the decision to use Shopify or a pluggable system like Woocommerce.  Shopify is an all inclusive system where a merchant creates a store from a number of templates, then uploads products for sale.  The entire process of a customer paying for the products is handled by the integrated Shopify system, and the convenience of not having to configure any aspects of the system allows merchants to be online and selling within a matter of hours.  These merchants must factor in that there is a premium put onto use of the Shopify system, and you will generally pay slightly more in fees deducted from your product sales than if you were to use a processing system that is plugged in.  Woocommerce is the most popular shopping cart system because it integrates within WordPress easily, which is the most popular method of building websites on the planet.  Woocommerce is offered for free, and the developers of add ons to the Woocommerce system make their money by selling additional functionality.  For example, if you utilize Woocommerce and want shipping through UPS to be dynamically calculated when the customer inputs their address, this is possible through a plugin that costs around 99 dollars.  There are plugins that can extend Woocommerce functionality to do nearly anything you want, each costing different amounts to buy.  The Woocommerce system must be configured to accept a payment gateway like Authorize,net or Paypal, and the fees that are paid to these services each time a credit card is processed is generally lower than if you use an inclusive system.  You will also have the ability to compare different companies who may provide better rates for this processing.  No matter which type of method you choose, a wise money saving addition to your system can be third party Shopify and Woocommerce fulfillment like that which we provide.

Our system integrates our services into your shopping process by connecting your Shopify store or Woocommerce shopping cart to our location through a software bridge.  When an order is placed, the information is then transmitted to our warehouse where we hold your inventory.  We use our own employees to process the order and prepare it for transport to the customer.  You pay only warehousing and per-order fees to us, and are able to essentially be completely virtual.  Your website takes care of the customer purchase process and your payment gateway processes the payments, then that information is transmitted to us to complete the physical tasks of getting the order to the customer.  We manage the inventory on hand and inform you as to what is needed in order to restock for future orders.  Shopify and Woocommerce fulfillment companies like ours enable you to concentrate on developing the sales of your products, instead of the management of warehouses and inventory.  By reducing these costs and responsibilities, we allow you to become a true ecommerce business.