Should You Use A Fulfillment Company On The East Coast?

box3The location of your fulfillment company can be crucial to customers having a better experience ordering your products, which will lead to a better reflection of your company in online reviews as well as word of mouth marketing.  The location of your shipping fulfillment center can also save you money in shipping charges that can either be passed off to the customer as savings or used to increase the profitability of your business.  For this reason, if you find that a significant portion of your customers are located on the East Coast, then it is a good idea to use a shipping fulfillment company with a location on the East Coast.  By having the actual warehouse be located closer to the customers, the amount of time that typically is necessary to get the order to their doors is reduced.  In many cases, ground shipping that typically takes upwards of five days can be completed in two, making the customers happier that they receive their orders faster, and also reducing the cost for the actual shipping as less distance is covered between the warehouse and the customer.  Because of the obvious advantages of better customer service and cheaper shipping charges, Ship My Orders utilizes two warehouse locations that will position the starting point of the goods closer to the customers, either on the West Coast or on the East Coast.  Using the dual warehouse system that we have access to, we can route your orders to the appropriate warehouse starting point, thus reducing shipping costs on a larger portion of orders over time that will result in significant savings to your business.

Ship My Orders’ East Coast shipping fulfillment center is in Nashville, TN, positioned on the major shipping routes that service the eastern portion of the United States.