The Benefits Of And East Coast Fulfillment Company

Hands holding credit card and using laptop. Online shoppingWhen a business is engaged in the selling of products to customers who are not located in their general vicinity, it is a good idea for them to consider the services of a fulfillment company to provide the processing and the shipping of those orders.  Basically, when you decide you are going to sell your products to customers in other parts of the country or world, you not only take on the added responsibility of actually getting those orders, but also the responsibilities that come with additional staff and warehouse costs.  A warehouse can run thousands of dollars per month depending on the size requirements, and the staff that is going to be tasked with processing those orders for shipment is going to cost money as well.  Without the concept of selling online being proven over time to be able to sustain these costs, it is quite difficult to go into long term contracts or hire staff hoping that you will make enough sales to cover the added costs.  This is where shipping fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders come into play, allowing you to reduce the costs associated with selling outside of your local market by taking care of the entire fulfillment process.  We maintain your inventory in our warehouse just as if it was yours, and provide professionally trained staff to pick and pack your customer orders for shipping using the transportation service of your choice. The orders are processed through your shopping cart (Ship My Orders works with almost any shopping cart) and are transmitted to our warehouse for immediate processing.  There is no need for you to worry about your customer’s orders getting to them, because Ship My Orders will have the fastest processing time available.

The benefits of an East Coast fulfillment company is savings to East Coast customers.  The typical transport time is roughly five days for ground shipping, but this estimate is provided as a worst case scenario.  If an order is processed for shipping in an East Coast warehouse to be delivered to a West Coast customer, the estimated transport time is five days, however if the customer is located on the East Coast it is significantly shorter and cheaper.  For this reason, the main benefits of an East Coast fulfillment company are to your East Coast customers.  But how about West Coast customers? Ship My Orders operates a West Coast facility in Las Vegas NV for this very purpose.  The correct routing of the starting point of your order to be delivered to the customer using the shortest transport route possible by using our dual warehouse solution guarantees that your customers will receive the best rates and the fastest delivery times no matter where they are located in the United States.  Between our two locations, we provide the shortest shipping distances to nearly everywhere in the United States, and your company benefits from the happy customers and cash savings on every order.  Using Ship My Orders as your East Coast fulfillment company just makes sense, contact us today.