The Best Fulfillment Company In Nashville

Online shopping and e-commerce backgroundShip My Orders started in Las Vegas, NV and quickly grew to become one of the most trusted fulfillment service companies on the West Coast, providing fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses worldwide and providing them with a money-saving option that positions their inventory close to their customers, and it is managed by a team of professionals who assure the delivery of your merchandise to your customers without issue.  As the business became more and more a go-to for online businesses in need of a viable solution with regards to the staff and space necessities of selling merchandise online, it became more apparent that the next step in the process should be to provide a strategic shipping location on the East Coast with which to position inventory and staff closer to East Coast customers.  At that point, the decision to become the best fulfillment company in Nashville was made.

Nashville is strategically located in a position that appropriately services the entire East Coast with regards to shipping origination.  What this means is that items that are shipped from Nashville to East Coast customers will get there faster and be cheaper to process than other origination points, due to the location itself being at intersections of major shipping routes and highways.  Because the majority of shipping within the United States is performed using ground vehicles to transport the packages, the choice to locate the East Coast warehouse of Ship My Orders in Nashville was an easy one.  The proximity to East Coast customers and the intersections of the general shipping routes themselves made it a wise choice.  As a result of the new location, Ship My Orders is quickly becoming a leader in not only Nashville fulfillment services, but East Coast fulfillment services as well.

By employing a “bi-warehousing” strategy that is offered by Ship My Orders, customers have the ability to position their inventory in two strategic locations on the East and West coasts of the United States, thereby allowing for routing of orders made through a website to the appropriate warehouse as an origination point.  By starting orders closer to customers on a regular basis, merchants can save shipping costs on nearly 1/2 of all orders that are placed and shipped to United States customers.  At least 1/2 of orders placed from within the US will be from a location that is further from any warehouse on either coast than would be if it was positioned on the opposing coast, making the dual warehouse concept make so much sense for all customers who sell to US homes.  The maintaining and staffing of independent warehouses in multiple states is nearly impossible for most small businesses, and luckily Ship My Orders allows for the securing of portions of warehouse space that is shared with other merchants, thus costing less than if you attempted to staff an entire warehouse on your own.  In addition, the staff of Ship My Orders offers the ability to have order fulfillment and it’s process be expedited due to their training.  Our goal is to be the best fulfillment company in Nashville, and we are well on our way.