US Fulfillment And Foreign Businesses

The ecommerce world has created a truly global  economy, allowing businesses to sell goods to customers who are far outside the driveup market that merchants used to be bound by.  A merchant can now sell to any customer who is located within the reaches of a shipping company, and they can actually save customers money by reducing their prices while doing it.  Through the use of a website and shopping cart software, there is nearly no need any longer for a physical store, and the only use of actual employees or physical spaces comes from the fulfillment end of the business.  There needs to be someone who maintains the inventory and actually processes the orders, and there has to be a physical space where this all happens.  Some ecommerce businesses will choose to manage these aspects themselves, while others will choose to outsource these duties to a third-party fulfillment service like ours.

If you have a business that is located outside the United States, there is a good chance that you are able to manufacture items for far less than the same process in the US would cost.  This will allow you to sell these items for a lower cost than if they were sold inside the United States, but the one drawback is that you will pay high shipping charges to get the items to the customers.  In many cases, the shipping charges added to the price paid will cause an item sold outside the US to cost the consumer the same amount as one sold inside the US.  This is why so many foreign businesses now use US fulfillment services in order to effectively sell to the US market.  By positioning your inventory inside of the United States, you will have a starting point for every order that is significantly closer to each customer than if you tried shipping the orders from your home country.  This will save the customers money that can go to our bottom line, or be passed off to the customer in the form of lower prices.  Finally, foreign businesses can sell their products to US consumers without having to absorb the added shipping costs that domestic businesses do not have to pay.

But how does this all work? It is simple, you ship your inventory to our facilities on the east coast or the west coast of the United States.  We manage your inventory from our warehouses, and when someone buys something on your website that information is transmitted to us.  We process the order from the warehouse that is closest to the customer, and ship it from that location.  You pay the lowest shipping charges possible, and your customers will only wait for their order as long as it takes to transport from the location (usually in only a few days.)  This process incurs a small fee per order and the fee associated with the amount of space that your inventory takes up in our warehouse, and thats it.  You can sell to United States consumers as effectively as any domestic business, and never set foot in the United States!