US Order Fulfillment Center

US Order fulfillment centerIf you run a company which is located outside of the United States and sell items to US customers, or you run a business inside the United States and would like to save on shipping charges, it is important for you to consider the possibility of utilizing a US order fulfillment center to your advantage.  For those who might not be aware of the advantages of using an order fulfillment center for their business, these types of businesses are third party fulfillment specialists who utilize their employees to warehouse your inventory for your company, process orders that are placed on your website utilizing software which receives the confirmed orders, pack and ship the items that are paid for to your customers using the shipping method of choice.  By contracting with a third party specialist, you are relieved from the burdens of securing your own warehouse space and managing your own employees.  By utilizing cooperative space in the warehouse managed by the fulfillment company, you literally pay for space needed as opposed to attempting to predict the amount of necessary space that you will need in the future.  In the same vain, you do not need to predict employee necessities, go through the hiring and training process, and maintain the employee base.  Instead, you simply ship your inventory to the warehouse where your orders will be processed in real time by trained staff.  While these are all aspects that make fulfillment centers very attractive to businesses, they are not the only reason to utilize them.

Companies outside the United States or those with corporate offices that are not near their US customers pay premium shipping rates in order to transport each and every order to the customer who has purchased it.  By positioning a warehouse closer to each customer, a business has the ability to save shipping charges on every order that is transported to a customer.  In most cases, just getting a warehouse to be positioned on a major shipping route would provide significant savings, let alone the even greater savings of positioning warehouses on each coast of the US.  With a “dual warehouse” system like the one that can be offered by Ship My Orders, a company has the ability to process each and every order from the warehouse which is closest to the individual customer that placed the order.  This means that if the order is placed by a customer on the east coast it will leave the Nashville warehouse, and if the order is placed by a west coast customer it will leave the Las Vegas warehouse.  Using this type of system, a business can bring the shipping charges for every order transported down to the bare minimums, which can add significantly to the bottom line.  In addition, a company located outside the US can compete effectively with domestic businesses as they are not absorbing additional shipping charges.

Ship My Orders is a smart solution for any business interested in streamlining their operations and saving costs.  We are the US order fulfillment center for hundreds of businesses, and are interested in becoming yours.