US Shipping Fulfillment Service

Ship My Orders is a US shipping fulfillment service, meaning that we operate from warehouses within the United States to effectively deliver orders to customers within the United States.  This is a benefit for both businesses that are located in the US as well as foreign businesses, due to the fact that both have the ability to position inventory closer to their customers, resulting in faster shipping times and cheaper shipping prices.  For businesses that are located outside of the US who are selling to US consumers through their websites, we are the solution to putting inventory into local placements that will not incur foreign shipping charges as they would if the were deployed from your warehouse in your home country.  Bot UPS and FEDEX leaving one country and entering another are quite expensive, the costs must be transferred either over to the consumer in the form of higher prices paid or absorbed by the business in the form of lower profits.  Either way, it is far more advantageous to position your inventory within the country you are selling to.

The way it works is simple, you sell your goods on your website the usual way, and we hold your inventory in our warehouses on the east and west coasts of the United States.  When an order is placed on your website by a customer within the US, it will be transmitted to our facility where is will be processed and shipped from the nearest warehouse that holds inventory.  This will create a situation where the customer always pays the lowest amount for shipping and still receives their order in the fewest days possible.  What normally would take 5 business days will generally take 3.

For businesses within the US, it also makes sense to use our services.  You can free yourself from the responsibilities of employee management and warehouse leases.  You can position your inventory closer to your customers than your headquarters, and if you are using our dual warehouse system always have your orders filled from the warehouse nearest to the customer, thus gaining all the benefits discussed above.  You will be able to save money on every order that can be applied to your bottom line or given to your customers in the form of savings.  Your profit margin will remain intact while providing your customers with better service than they are currently receiving.

In a nutshell, Ship My Orders just makes sense for your business.  We allow you to reduce the costs of physical locations and employees down to the bare minimum, which is good for business and can be reflected in the form of cheaper prices.  Your customers will love the fact that they get their orders fast and for low shipping charges.  Contact Ship My Orders today if you are a foreign business selling to US consumers or a US business who is looking for ways to streamline and save.  No matter what you need, Ship My Orders can provide the levels of service that your customers expect.