USA Fulfillment

Do you have a business that is located outside of the United States, but you would like to sell your products to US consumers? If you have answered yes to this question you have probably already researched the situation a little bit, and found out that even though your products can be sold for better prices than your US counterparts, the shipping of the orders from your warehouse overseas to US customers will make up for any savings that they would see.  As a result your customers pay the same amount that they would if they had purchased from a US business, and they still have to wait weeks or even months to receive their products.  This situation makes it quite difficult to build up any kind of base of customers, due to the fact that online consumers are generally comparing products based on price and little more.  If prices that are paid are the ultimate deciding factor and yours are the same as another business located within the US, chances are that you are not going to get a new customer.

There is a better way known as USA fulfillment.  This is a simple process of contracting with a company like Ship My Orders to process the orders placed on your website by US customers through their warehouses located within the United States.  The orders are received on your website and transmitted in real time to Ship My Orders, who use their employees to pick the orders from inventory stored at their locations.  These orders are routed from the closest warehouse to the customer (east coast or west coast) so as to ensure the cheapest and quickest delivery each and every time.  The delivery charges you will absorbe will be the same as your US counterparts and the delivery times will be the same or better.  While your US counterparts will be faced with the charges of operating their own warehouses and staff, you will pay only for the space you use and a fee per order processed.  When you compare the costs of operating a warehouse and staff within the United States vs only paying for what you use, you will see that you can reduce your charges that need to be paid by the customers significantly below US businesses and still maintain your profit margin.  This gives you the advantage in price, and consumers in the United States are mostly making decisions based on price.

You transport your inventory to Ship My Orders using bulk shipping, and therefor not paying the high rates on import shipping like you would see from UPS or FEDEX if you shipped orders individually from overseas directly to customers.  We maintain your inventory management in our secure facilities using our employees, freeing you from any responsibility of attempting to manage a staff from a different country.  The system  is more convenient, less costly and will ultimately make your customers happy, which leads to more customers.  Contact our representatives today to find out more.