USA Fulfillment Company

delivery man checking packages to be deliveredRetailers from countries outside the United States who are interested in selling their merchandise to US customers will need to put a few key elements into place in order to make their business successful. First and foremost, you are going to need a website that has the ability to process orders through a shopping cart. These orders are going to be purchased by customers through the software, and you will receive a notification of what was ordered and how it was paid for. You will also receive a notification instructing you what was ordered and where to ship it to. From that point, it is your responsibility to process the order by packing it into a shipping container of some sort, then utilizing some form of shipping method in order to get the order to the customer. Chances are that your ecommerce software will be able to add a shipping charge to the order for the customer to pay for, but you are going to need to manually process the order. The main hindrance for many merchants outside the United States is the fact that shipping the item from your warehouse to the customer at a US address costs a large amount of money being paid to the shipping company. In many cases, this charge can be as high as the price that was paid for the merchandise itself, effectively doubling the price that the customer paid. This makes it difficult to compete with merchants within the United States who are selling the same types of merchandise because the customer can pay a lower price for the total order since the shipping charges are less. This is due to the fact that shipping companies will generally charge by how much distance they have to transport the item. If their warehouse is in the United States and yours is not, you are always going to have unhappy customers who are paying more than they should. The answer to this issue is to use a USA fulfillment company.

Ship My Orders is a fulfillment company based in the United States with two warehouses located on the east coast and the west coast. The warehouses are able to store your merchandise for processing and shipping to your United States customers when they order from your website, and the best part is that they will only be required to pay the shipping rates that other companies located in the United States will pay. The way it works is that we receive your orders on your website through your ecommerce software at the same time you do. Our employees at our warehouses process the orders for you by packing and shipping the merchandise ordered to your customer’s addresses. You and your customers will save money in every shipping charge because the distance that is shipped is significantly reduced from the point it would have been if you shipped it from your own warehouses overseas. You will get the benefit of happier customers who are not only saving money but receiving their orders on days instead of weeks.