USA Fulfillment

USA fulfillment“Fulfillment” is the process of receiving order information from a source and putting together the necessary elements that will get that order to be received by the customer within a specified timeframe.  Many times, fulfillment is done in house by the company who is the retailer if the merchandise, ultimately acting as not only the processor of the sales, but also as the division which gets the order processed and shipped from inventory.  While this is very applicable to brick and mortar businesses who deliver the goods directly to the customer at the time of purchase, it is far less necessary in online businesses due to the fact that the order must be shipped to the customer’s home.  When this is the case, then the origination point of the order is less important due to the fact that the customer does not have to physically be present in the location, and making it more a decision of cost savings over location.  If a warehouse can be put into an area that has less retail traffic, it will ultimately cost less than housing the inventory on a space that has a higher cost per square foot.  Hiring and maintaining your own employee base is more expensive than using employees only when necessary, making outsourcing an interesting option for businesses with cost considerations.  Positioning a warehouse closer to the customer will save on each parcel that is shipped.  When all of these things are considered, it is very obvious why fulfillment companies and services are so popular.  When you factor in that businesses can be headquartered outside of the United States, operate their website from their home country and still use a US fulfillment company to get the orders to the US customers for a fair shipping price, the choice is obvious.

Businesses like Ship My Orders provide fulfillment services to businesses located both in the US and outside of it.  Orders that are placed on a website are able to have that information transmitted instantly and easily to the fulfillment warehouse, no matter where it is located.  This provides non-US businesses the ability to sell their goods in the US without the additional charges of international shipping being applied, and therefore making them able to compete with domestic businesses on price.  Foreign businesses can have a footprint in the United States, selling to US consumers without opening offices and having warehouses in the US to manage and staff.  Ship My Orders does it all for you, removing the responsibility of maintaining those complicated business aspects.

USA fulfillment is essentially the providing of purchases to US customers from warehouses located inside the US, even if the business itself is headquartered elsewhere.  Maintaining a business profile inside the US is an expensive proposition for non-domestic businesses, and many times the costs are more than are worth it.  With Ship My Orders, it is as if you have an office and warehouse on the east and west coasts, providing your customers with the excellent customer service they demand.