Use And East Coast Fulfillment Company For East Coast Orders

Ecommerce allows customers from all over the world to quickly and easily shop on your website.  Traditional retail used to involve getting a physical structure that was as close to your target customers as possible, so that they could conveniently reach you by only traveling a short distance.  Convenience is important to customers, which is one of the main reasons that online shopping has become so popular.  There is literally nothing more convenient than shopping from your home by sitting in front of your computer, and although it was once believed that it would never be able to replace traditional shopping, online retail is now the recipient of far more sales every year than traditional stores.  Price is the other major factor contributing to sales, and the online process allowed prices to be reduced far beyond traditional merchants due to the fact that there was no longer the necessity of maintaining the costs of the traditional store.  You no longer needed employees, utilities, rent and all of the other things that were built into the price of every item sold.  You could now sell the item for just over the cost of production and still make money.

The only real item that maintained the same state as traditional retail was the fulfillment end of the business.  Even though you could automate the shopping process by using software and a website to complete transactions, a physical person still has to receive that order, go to the warehouse and pull it from the inventory, put it in a box and ship it off.  It is quite difficult to eliminate these costs completely, but they can be reduced by outsourcing to a fulfillment company.  A fulfillment company receives the orders placed on your website and keeps your inventory in their warehouses.  They use their own employees to perform all of the fulfillment duties in exchange for small fees per order, and warehousing fees.  This will typically save a business money because they do not need to maintain their own staff or warehouse, and as a matter of fact they can only pay for the amount of warehouse space they need, as opposed to renting an entire warehouse themselves.  The biggest benefit to the online shopping process is the ability to position your inventory closer to your customers, meaning that each and every order shipped will be the lowest price possible in shipping charges.  If your customers are on the east coast, then using an east coast fulfillment company to route that order from the warehouse to the customer gets the cheapest shipping prices.  It will also get the order to their door in less time than if it was traveling cross country, which makes for happy customers.  The same would be true for a west coast fulfillment company and west coast customers, so using a company like Ship My Orders who operate dual warehouses and can route your orders from the closest one every time is going to provide the fastest shipping at the lowest prices on every order placed.  Contact us today to find out more.