Should I use An Order Fulfillment Company?

People who own online businesses or even physical businesses that do shipping of products ordered by customers are always seeking new ways to improve and expand their businesses.  This will generally involve either cutting costs or improving the services that are received by the customers as a way of expanding business through word of mouth or repeat purchases.  Most methods of online business improvement have to do with shaving small percentages of costs off product purchases in order to either increase the profit margin or to reduce the prices paid in order to compete effectively.  This is an ongoing process because the competition is also exploring these same methods, resulting in the prices that are presented in online searches being easily distinguished as the primary purchase factor.  When people buy online, they expect to get their product and also expect it to be what they ordered, the real differentiation at this point is price and shipping costs.  Many merchants will build shipping into their price that is presented, because online search comparison engines now show the price plus shipping, and the total price is easy to see.  By presenting the product as being shipped for free, it gives the impression that there is money being saved, even if the price paid is covering that cost.  For this reason, exploring methods of cutting the logistics and shipping costs on each product represent the majority of efforts to save money.

One of the best ways that your online business can cut costs across the board is by employing the services of an order fulfillment company like Ship My Orders.  The costs that you are currently paying for a warehouse and staff, as well as the shipping costs associated with transport of orders by FEDEX or UPS are going to have a certain monthly cost.  At the same time as eliminating the hassles and issues with negotiation of lease space and employee training, you can actually save money by outsourcing these tasks to a dedicated firm like ours.  Because you are not paying for the entire warehouse space that you do not need, and are not paying for employee downtime that will be inevitable in most businesses, the fees that we charge for our services are almost always lower than if you are handling it yourself.  In addition, our dual warehouses will allow you to position inventory closer to every customer, which will cut down on transportation costs and times.  This works out to be beneficial for customers as well as your bottom line, and actually will improve your current services as well.Shipping fulfillment and logistics is all we do, and because we concentrate on this particular task we can always save our customers money.

So when you are ready to take your business to the next level, reduce your exposure to risk or the limitations of scaling quickly, and save money all at the same time then give us a call.  Our staff will walk you through the costs and fees, and we will give you a plan that will improve your business and cut costs at the same time.