Do you use Shopify? We are your fulfillment company.

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce systems in the world, and more merchants use it than any other all inclusive out of the box system than any other on the market.  The main reason for its overwhelming success is that it is easy to understand and use, removing many of the complications of the ecommerce process.  Where a typical ecommerce merchant would need to build a website and integrate an ecommerce system in the form of a shopping cart, then connect that cart to an encryption system and banking center that will allow for credit card processing for the purchase of your types of products, Shopify takes care of all of these aspects for you and offers a simple process.  All you have to do is apply for a Shopify account and fill out some online paperwork, then choose your store template and configure a few branding elements.  You will then upload your merchandise and configure the terms of the sale, then launch.  All of the processing of payments for customer purchases are pushed through the built in Shopify system, and you will be paid through Shopify directly to your bank account.  The system will notify you when sales are made and you will then arrange for the shipment of the purchased items to your customer.  The store will be online and accessible to customers all over the world, but you can set the terms as far as countries or areas that you are willing to sell to.  Because the system is so easy to use, many people who never thought they would be able to own their own business are now selling things online.

The idea of a business that runs itself is very appealing to many.  To do some configuration work and then be able to not be involved in the process has great benefits to those who are also interested in other businesses, or who have other jobs.  The one drawback to the Shopify system is that after the sale is made, either you or your employees are going to have to do the fulfillment by pulling the orders from inventory, then arranging shipping to the customer.  If you want to be completely virtual, however, we are the fulfillment company for you.  The way it works is that we use our software to connect to your Shopify system, and we store your inventory at our warehouses.  When a sale is made, we use our employees to process the order and arrange for shipping to the customer using the method you specify.  You are charged a fee for warehouse space and a processing fee per order, but this will almost always be less than if you arranged for warehouse space of your own and managed your own employees.  Build these charges into your pricing model and you are then able to run your business without ever being involved on a daily basis.  Who wouldn’t want to own a business where all you do is cash a check every month, and have almost no work to do in order to keep it functioning!