Using A Fulfillment Company

Paying with credit card onlineMany people who are engaged in the business of selling merchandise to customers who are not located within the local delivery area, or to customers who want merchandise shipped to their homes, will enlist the services of a fulfillment company in order to expedite the process and to conserve money. One of the largest expenses that will be considered by many small businesses is the necessary elements that must be put into place when they decide to go into the ecommerce business. While they may have had all of the processes in place to conduct traditional commerce, with a physical location where people can shop as well as employees to take care of customers, when merchants begin selling online they suddenly must figure out an effective process of pulling items from a managed inventory, preparing them for shipping and getting them arranged by the transportation partner. In many cases, this will involve renting a warehouse space and hiring dedicated employees for the shipping fulfillment, and the risks associated with this expansion causes many merchants to attempt to perform these duties from their store or using their existing employees. This may work for a while, but eventually you are going to need to consider what happens if you grow. This is the point when so many merchants simply enlist the services of a fulfillment company like Ship My Orders.

Ship My Orders operates two strategically located warehouses in Las Vegas NV and Nashville TN. These warehouses are positioned in the cities where they are located due to the proximity to transportation routes that are traveled in order to service the East Coast and the West Coast by the major shipping companies. The savings that can be seen by having 50% of the orders leaving your warehouse be strategically located close to the customer is significant over time, and the actual times that it takes to transport the merchandise is also reduced. The services that are offered are simple, your business stores inventory in a dedicated space within our warehouse, and that inventory is managed by our employees. When an order is confirmed through your shopping cart software, the information is transmitted instantly to our staff who pick the order from your inventory, pack and prepare the order for shipping, and arrange pickup by the transportation company that you have specified within the checkout process. The order is then picked up by the transportation company from our warehouse and your customer receives it at their door a few days later.

Ship My Orders is one of the leaders in the order fulfillment industry, and handles the fulfillment services for both large and small companies. Our warehouses effectively service both the eastern and western portions of the United States, and we can also provide global shipping services if you need them. We are an excellent choice for both United States companies as well as companies from other countries who wish to maintain a US presence in order to speed up orders for customers within the US. Contact us today.