Using An Order Fulfillment Company In The USA

Goods On Conveyor Belt In Distribution WarehouseBusinesses that are not located in the United States that sell to US customers through a website face unique challenges with regards to order fulfillment.  The options at their disposal are limited to not allowing purchases by United States customers, or allowing these customers to purchase and then pay exorbitant shipping charges for the products to originate in their warehouses and then ship overseas to the customer in the United States.  Most businesses realize very quickly that this is not a good option as few customers are willing to absorb the high charges associated with overseas shipping, and the costs cannot be factored into the pricing very effectively if a profit is still to be derived from the sale.  Customers in the United States are very price-driven, and unless the goods can be produced so cheaply that overseas shipping can be factored into the price while still providing a price that rivals your United States competition for similar products, you will find that customers in the US simply do not purchase from you based upon the pricing.  All of these options are problematic, and both can be remedied through the use of a US order fulfillment company like Ship My Orders.

Due to the fact that information can be transmitted instantly via the internet through a connection to your onsite sales software and our warehouses in the United States, we can offer you the solution you have been seeking in the form of warehousing your inventory within our facility and utilizing our services to deploy your orders to US customers from a US address.  By avoiding the high costs of overseas shipping, you have the ability to provide inventory to our warehouses in bulk, utilizing container shipping rates that are far better than individual rates to residential customers through shipping services.  We get the inventory to our warehouses from your suppliers, then we manage, pick, pack and process your orders to your United States customers for the same prices as if your offices were located within the United States borders.  This is a distinct advantage to your bottom line, as well as to the building of customer loyalty by creating more favorable shipping timeframes and costs.  When they place an order, they can expect it in the same timeframes and for the same costs as if they were purchasing from United States businesses.  This will help you create a loyal customer base of US customers, build your business and provide more profits to you.

Order fulfillment companies that assist foreign businesses to get the products to US customers on time and for good shipping prices are not necessarily new, but Ship My Orders has taken the process to a new level of customer service by providing a “dual warehouse” model that allows you to minimize shipping charges even more by shipping from a strategic East Coast or West Coast location, bringing the inventory even closer to your customers and providing the best rates available to you.