Using Dual Warehouses

Ship My Orders operates from two warehouses located in Las Vegas and in Nashville.  There is a specific strategic reason for this system, which benefits our customers if they decide to use it.  Essentially it works by using a flat rate charge to your customers on all orders placed.  This flat rate will cover a shipping charge from coast to coast, which would be the worst case scenario where a customer on one side of the country must be fulfilled from the other side of the country.  This shipping charge will assure you that you would never lose money on any order that is delivered, and the longest shipping time would be five days if UPS ground is used.  By quoting this rate and preparing the customer for the shipping time, you are setting expectations of how you will be judged.  If the order is delivered within five days, you are judged as having performed with satisfaction.  If the order is delivered in less time than that, you will be viewed as performing better than expected, which will create a situation where the customers are confident to order from you again.  No matter how the deliver time works out, you have also charged the customer enough money to cover the shipping.

The strategic positioning of our warehouses gives us the ability to divide the country in half and deliver to that half from the appropriate warehouse closest to the customer.  Because of Nashville and Las Vegas’ positioning, within their respective half of the country each location is able to deliver to the entire region with ease.  When a customer places an order on your website it will be received in our central database which will route the order to the appropriate warehouse that is closest to the customer.  Our team at the appropriate warehouse will check inventory to make sure the order can be processed from there and fulfill if possible.  If enough inventory is not available at that warehouse then the order gets fulfilled from the next closest.  No matter what happens, you are always going to have your shipping charges covered by the customer, and in at least most of the cases your shipping charges will be significantly lower than the price paid by the customer.  On each and every order that is able to be fulfilled from a warehouse closer to the customer than the other side of the country, you have added to your bottom line as profit.  If you want, you can simply keep this savings as profit.  If you would like to handle it a different way you can lower your prices of your merchandise and compete with others selling the same items at you by positioning yourself as a better value.  Either way, the dual warehouse system is beneficial to your business, and will ultimately help you grow and expand.

If you would like to find out more about our dual warehouse system, and how your business can benefit from it, contact us through our website by filling out the form.