Using A Fulfillment Company Is Good Business

Small businesses that sell to customers using the internet can benefit from using a fulfillment company to do their order processing and arrangement of shipping.  There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious is the ability to scale without risk.  Small businesses need to be able to process orders for customers in a timely manner, and also must do so in a sales climate that is almost completely unpredictable.  A small business owner needs to guess the appropriate size of warehouse that will be able to handle the business that will be seen, as well as hiring enough staff to process the orders.  If you over estimate, then the lack of sales combined with contracts for unused warehouse space can put you out of business.  If you underestimate, then your customers are going to be irritated that their orders are not able to be processed and received in a timely manner, which might result in them deciding not to be repeat customers.  Either way, it can spell disaster for a small business if the predictions are wrong.  For this reason, the ability to scale without risk is one of the greatest benefits to a growing operation.  With a fulfillment company, you are only paying for the amount of warehouse space that you need within a space that is also used by other businesses.  You only pay for employees to process your orders as they are placed, meaning that you will not need to guess on the amount of help you need during any season.  You are not responsible for the expenses that are not able to be completely expected and predicted the way that a typical business that operates its own warehouses would be.  This gives you a distinct edge during the growth periods that all businesses face.

Aside from the responsibility reasons, there is a distinct possibility that using a fulfillment company will generate less expenses than if you operate independently.  This is because aside from the typical expenses of rent and employees, you are also paying higher shipping charges for orders that are processed to customers who are not close to your warehouse.  Ship My Orders operates multiple warehouses on both the east and west coasts for this very reason.  We give you the ability to position inventory close to each and every customer, no matter where in the country they are located.  This allows you to pay the minimum amounts for shipping on every order, and have every order be received in only minimal time.  These savings in many cases will pay for the process itself, allowing you to put more money toward your profits, or pass these savings off to customers in the form of lower prices.  Either way, it is a win win for both your business and your customers.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of using a third party shipping fulfillment company like Ship My Orders, contact us immediately through our website or by phone.  In most cases, the combination of lower prices and removal of responsibility is enough to make up anyone’s mind!