West Coast Customers?

If you have a business that ships products to customers, you probably sell to either a specific geographic region within the United States, or to the entire United States.  When your customers are shopping on your website or in your store and are choosing to ship the products they have purchased through you to their homes, the total price that they pay for the product will depend on their proximity to the place where the product originates.  Through USPS flat rate shipping is available based upon a “worst case scenario,” meaning that if the product is coming from a warehouse on one side of the country and is being shipped to the other side of the country, it will cost the same as that same product being shipped only a few blocks.  While many businesses will use flat rate shipping for ease of use, another aspect that must be considered is shipping time, which will vary depending on that same distance equation.  A nearby delivery will take far less time than one that is going all the way across the country, so there are numerous benefits to originating the product fulfillment from a warehouse close to your customers.

For this reason, many smart merchants will utilize fulfillment companies like ours, which offer them the ability to originate their fulfillment process from numerous warehouses where inventory is held.  We operate a strategically located warehouse in Las Vegas which serves customers on the west coast, and a strategically located east coast warehouse in Nashville, TN.  Many of our clients choose to hold inventory in both locations, which allows us to process the orders from the location that is closest to the customer, no matter where they live.  This process ensures the lowest shipping charges and the fastest shipping times on each and every order that is placed, shaving costs every quarter and ensuring happy customers that will continue to buy more products over time due to their excellent service.  In an online commerce space as crowded as it is today, it in necessary to ensure the lowest prices and best service at all points in the customer experience.

If you operate an online business, or a physical business that could benefit from the positioning of inventory closer to customers on the east coast or west coast of the United States, contact us as soon as possible to find out more information about how the system can benefit you.  Just the ability to position inventory within the United States is a huge benefit to businesses who are physically located in other countries, who can then operate using the same shipping times and prices that domestic competition benefits from.  Combine that with the ability to actually divide the customers within the country into two segments and ship to those locations even faster and with lower costs, and you have a recipe for success.  Ship My Orders is your logistics and fulfillment partner, and can help take your business to the levels that the major competitors have.  Call us today.